My Thoughts On The Bille Razor

Apr 24, 2021


Good morning and happy Saturday! 

I feel like we are still recovering from vacation over here but I have been meaning to get this post up. I shared a little while ago that I had finally caved and signed up for the Billie Razor and heard from so many of you who felt one way or another! A lot of my friends in the industry and outside use the service and I was intrigued by the subscription component. My Ritual subscription has been one of the nicest perks and I never have to worry about ordering vitamins so I was excited to have the same kind of worry free renewal. 

In a nutshell, I like the razor and will continue my subscription! However, I wanted to break down a few reasons why below and what I had heard from you all. I also want to point out that I do not tend to have sensitive skin! I heard from many of you that this razor was great because it didn’t contain nickel. I have never been one to get razor burn and this experience has been no different. I’m not sure if that’s’ because I shave so infrequently or just my skin texture 😉 


  • The Price! I was previously using a Gillette Venus razor and compared this is much cheaper. Billie is just $9 for the the starter kit which includes a razor, magnetic holder, and two cartridges.  After that, it’s $9 for 4 cartridges that ship at the frequency of your choice.


  • The Subscription! I chose the the ‘less frequent’ option because I shave my underarms everyday but definitely not my legs 😉 I rarely shave above my knees and maybe get to my legs once every few days so I thought this would work for me.


  • The Aloe! I know some of you mentioned you didn’t like this but I often searched for razors with this feature. I don’t use shaving cream and this helps moisturize my leg while I shave without any added effort. 


  • Female Founded! I am all about supporting female founded businesses that are trying to change the game. I appreciate that they are trying to rid the ‘pink tax’ and create a product that addresses our needs without overcharging for it. Also, they are a clean brand committed to making products free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, GMOs, sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, cheap foaming agents and unstable silicones or BHT


A few pieces of feedback I heard from you all of concern were that the blade would fall off while shaving and your magnetic holder didn’t stick. I think they have reformatted the blade situation from previous models because the blade has never fallen off for me. I am not sure if I just use it more infrequently or don’t pay attention going around my knees and ankles but it hasn’t been an issue so far. 

I also haven’t experienced the magnetic holder falling off but I have previously tried other razor subscriptions where it has so I will be sure to keep an eye on this and report back over time. Also, if you have had these issues I would definitely reach out to their customer service team because I have heard great things about their responsiveness! 





I also ordered a few of their other items to try out and though I would share a few thoughts on those as well. My friend Jess raves about their cleansing wipes and I am not normally a wipe kind of girl. I tend to prefer a face wash but she told me I had to put them in the fridge and oh my word. They are literal heaven on a hot day and have been great to use after my workouts before the kid’s get up when I don’t have time to shower and the whole nine yards. 

I also popped the dry shampoo in my cart because my friend Blair said she swears by it. She told me she likes the razor but her shining star is this. I have been using it about once a week and I have to say that’s it lovely that you chose a shade based on your hair color. Often times dry shampoo can make my dark hair look white or grey but this is ‘dark brown’ and blends perfectly. 

If you happen to sign up for the razor or subscription I would say these are both worth a try! 


Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments if you have tried it! 






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