My Hair Transformation & The Products I Use

May 30, 2023

Good morning! 

How is everyone’s week going? It is long overdue but I wanted to get everything into a blog post for you all since I receive DM’s about it regularly. First up, there is a ‘Hair’ highlight saved on my Instagram that has a few real time videos saved from before and after I started using my Navy Hair Care. Also to note – this was not a brand partnership until long after I used the products and continued to rave about them. I am thrilled to be partnering with them today but I bought the shampoo & conditioner off the recommendation of my girlfriends after I realized my hair had been friend from pregnancy. 

A little backstory, I have always had fairly tame and healthy hair but after I had Zahra I noticed this gritty and almost fried nature to it even though I hardly use heat on my hair and had changed nothing. Hormones are so lovely, right? I immediately text my group chat of mom friends and asked what they used and if this has happened to them. All 3 immediately responded that they used Navy Search and Rescue for the same reason and that it helped immensely so I immediately purchased. 

After about 3 months I saw a clear difference, my hair was back to it’s healthy shine and I didn’t feel that wiry texture any longer. I was sold and have been a huge fan ever since. I’ve expanded into their other products including their Flex Hairspray and Hair Serum and love them both. 

If you find yourself in a similar situation I would recommend combining the Search and Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner combo with the Hair Serum. I wish I had done that sooner because I think the serum has worked wonders to hydrate my hair again! I use it a few times a week almost as a mask and put it in after I get out of the shower to sleep with. It is a Biotin and Botanical Enriched Fortifying Treatment Serum that feels lightweight but leaves my hair feeling so healthy. You can use it a ton of different ways: as a hair mask, a styling aid, or even an end refresher to rub in and go! 



March 2022

No filter, you can see the fried texture. I also have a video saved to my highlight if that helps!


May 2022


You can see that fried texture is already rejuvenated in just a few months! I could tell the difference just by running my fingers through my hair before I ever noticed in the mirror. Have not turned back since! 





Let me know if you all have any questions and don’t forget you can always use code ‘LOWSTOLUXE‘ for 20% off on the site! 





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