My Goyard Anjou Tote Review

Apr 20, 2022


To my surprise, one of my most frequent DM’s is about my Goyard bag and a lot of the inquiries are the same so I thought it might be helpful to share a blog post on my thoughts, a mini review now that I’ve owned it for a while, and answer some of the most frequent questions I receive. 

A little background, I have been eyeing this tote for a long time! I stumbled into the store in Paris back in 2013 while Trevor and I were visiting and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. I had previously been using a Cuyana tote and loved it dearly but when we recently planned a trip to Florida with the kids I decided I was going to go take a peek. 

You unfortunately can’t purchase Goyard bags online so your only option is to make it into a boutique or buy from a second party. I think there are currently 5 in the US: Miami, Chicago, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, NY, and Dallas. If you are lucky enough to be traveling abroad then that’s an even better option because you can cash in on the VAT tax. 

I originally went into the store thinking I would get the St.Louis tote that I see most often but then I decided to browse the other styles and ask myself price difference aside which I liked best. The Anjou stood out to me right away! I loved the stitching, clean structure, and reversible leather interior. I really recommend trying the bags on your shoulder so you can feel how their length and size make you feel. It’s a big investment and this is a bag I wanted to reach for every single day. 

For me personally, the larger GM felt too big. I wanted it to be a carry all but this felt too wide for me so I went with the PM. I also opted for the Grey color instead of a classic because I felt like it would go with everything and felt very me. 

I won’t lie, after I purchased and left the store I had anxiety and regret like I do with every big purchase I make LOL. I regretted paying the higher price for the Anjou and wondered if that was silly and a waste. After having it for almost a year, I can confidently say I made the right choice for me and I love the way the leather interior looks as opposed to the canvas. I think it elevates the look and although I don’t wear it reversible very often it does feel right for me! It’s also the only version that is water resistant on both sides and I haven’t had anything stain it thus far. 

As far as I know, these are the current dimensions and prices for the 3 Goyard Totes. I didn’t really look at the St.Artois because I wasn’t interested in a zipper but listed those dimensions for you as well! 



PM: 6″w x 13″l x 11″ h,  7.5″ strap drop 
GM: 7.5″ w x 15.5″l x 12.5″ h 7.5″ strap drop

PM and GM are abbreviations for petite modèle (petite / small model) and grand modèle (large model)

Classic: PM – $1,285 // GM – $1,495
Colors: PM – $1,605 // GM – $1,870



PM: 5.5″ w x 12″ l x 9.5″ h, 8″ strap drop
MM: 6″ w x 14.5″ l  x 11.5″ h, 10″ strap drop

Classic: PM – $1,740 // MM – $2,125
Colors: PM – $2,175  // MM – $2,530



PM: 6″ w x 13″l x 11″ h, 7″ strap drop
GM: 7.75″w x  15.25″ l x 13″ h 7.75″ strap drop

Classic: PM – $2,190 // GM – $2,600
Colors: PM – $2,845 // GM – $3,380 *my exact bag is the PM in the color Grey





Let me know if you have any questions I didn’t cover! 


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