My Favorite Quick Workouts & Workout Gear

Oct 24, 2018

my favorite quick workouts

Tank: Nordstrom (old) – similar and similarLeggings: Zella – love these too! | Shoes: APL – also available here! Run small, order 1/2 size up | Sunglasses: Le Specs – more Le Specs here!| Watch: Apple Watch – specifications and why I chose mine here! | Bra: NikeWater Bottle: Target


Hello friends!

Today’s post is a reader requested one and a question I get on Instagram all the time. I often post my workout summaries off my Apple watch to keep myself motivated and also motivate you. I know that when I first moved back to Louisville I wanted to get back into working out (it was impossible in Chicago) but just couldn’t motivate. I follow Becky (Cella Jane) on Instagram and when I would see her workout summaries it kind of lit a fire under me to get back into it.

So, most often I am asked what I do to workout, how often and what my favorite workout gear is so I’m going to try to cover all that today. I shared a post last month that touched on this a little but but hopefully this will answer it all a little more in depth.

I aim to work out 3-4 times a week but that 4th time doesn’t always happen. Working out during the week is what I’m best at so I try to focus on that. On the days I work from home I make sure to take an afternoon break to get to a noon class. On my work out of the house days I try to go early in the morning and get it over with.

Evening workouts are so much harder for me and will virtually never happen. I am tired after work, I want to hang out with my family and I just lose all motivation. Obviously everyone’s schedule and preference is different so I think it’s important to be honest with yourself and pinpoint when you get the most motivated.

My gym (Milestone Health and Wellness Center) is amazing because their classes are just so damn GOOD. I am constantly challenged, love the instructors and their schedule has so many classes. I am not really the type of person to go into a gym and do anything on my own besides run so the classes have to be good.

Before I joined this gym I did have a few routines to get me through that I still rely on if I can’t make it to a class so I thought I would share those. I downloaded BBG a long time ago and just kept the PDF on my computer. The great thing about her program is that you can do it anywhere, anytime. I know people love it while traveling and it’s definitely channeling. I never did the actual program as it’s outlined but I’m sure it would produce amazing results.

I also have Jillian Michaels 30 day shred DVD which I think may be extinct at this point (the DVD not the workout) and love it! If you just You Tube it I think you should be able to find it for free and her 20 minute workouts were always efficient and left me feeling good.

As far as workout gear I’m pretty loyal to the same brands and gear. I am definitely a creature of habit and like to stick to the same things but if you have anything you swear by please leave it in the comments!

As far as leggings I am always wearing Zella or Beyond Yoga. I know neither are inexpensive and I used to strictly wear Old Navy but I honestly didn’t feel like those were a bargain either and they stretched out so quickly and then I would have to buy new pairs. I have been able to find both my favorite brands at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack on sale for less than what I paid at Old Navy and Target so I don’t stress about it too much. I also realized that I live in my workout clothes much of the week so I wanted to buy things I would really use. I rounded up some of my other favorites below!


Workout Tops:



Workout Leggings:



Workout Shoes:



Workout Gear: 







Everything I included above is either something I currently own, have owned or from a brand that I wear to workout in constantly! If you have any questions about anything feel free to shoot me a DM or leave a comment below! Hope you guys are all having a great Wednesday!


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