My Favorite Amazon Purchases 2022

Dec 27, 2022

Good morning! 

Can we believe it’s almost 2023? This week between Christmas and New Year’s is always kind of an out of body experience and now that we are hosting a holiday party this week it feels even more chaotic. It felt wonderful to take some time away from social media this past weekend and was a strong reminder that we all need that sometimes and that I personally need to make more of an effort to turn it off in the new year. Often times, I won’t post for days but still check in and that in itself is not giving me the break I want so this time around I hid the app on the last page of my phone and truly never thought about it. If you have been thinking about it, I highly suggest it! 

As for today’s post I wanted to pop on and share some of my favorite Amazon purchases of this year. It’s always fun to look back not only at what you all loved but what I found and couldn’t live without now. Stay tuned for a few other Year in Review roundup’s later this week! 


Criss Cross Sports Bra: This was a newer purchase that I possibly have never shared before but love and use regularly. I stumbled upon it and haven’t looked back! Provides great support without making me feel like I’m suffocating which is a hard task for a sports bra 😉 TTS. 


Versed Cleansing Balm: What a gem this has proven to be! I always keep this on hand and use as an everyday balm since my day to day involves very little makeup. If I have a night out or something I am using eyeliner and heavier products, I still turn to my Elemis


R+Co Dry Shampoo Mist: You are all likely tired of hearing me talk about this but what a delight! I have never been able to skip washing my hair since it is very fine and tends to get oily easily. This has changed the game for me! Unlike traditional dry shampoo that made my hair feel “dirty” and just powdered onto my roots – this lightly sprays into my roots and I give it a light cold blow dry and it is truly brand new. 


Sherpa Lined Joggers: I have a pretty bulky pair of sherpa sweatpants but sprung for these slightly slimmer style for outdoor walks, school pick up, and so on and have loved them. TTS. 


Lightweight Puffer: I grabbed this a few months ago and have been so impressed. It’s the perfect lightweight puffer that keep me warm, has usable pockets, and is well made. It did run small in my opinion and I would size up! 


Pajama Set: This continues to go in and out of stock but I am currently wearing them and have for much of this break so keep your eye out and if they have your size in stock, grab them! The perfect thickness for this weather and run TTS.


Crew Socks: Another purchase I made on a whim and now can’t imagine what I would do without them. I truly wear these everyday and love the way they look with leggings, joggers, jeans, and shorts!


Cat Eye Sunglasses: If you see me wearing sunglasses this year, it is likely these. I love the subtle cat eye that doesn’t feel too try-hard and they are the perfect pair to throw on top of my head. The $14 price tag is wonderful so I don’t fret over where and how I use them – highly recommend! 


Clean Lash Serum: I know this is pricey but I have avoided lash serums for years because the applicators generally freak me out and I am timid to put things directly in my eye 😉 I loved that this was clean and non-toxic plus it has a mascara wand applicator and I can vouch it really works!!! My lashes have never looked this good and I am now a huge fan. 


Mexican Train Dominoes: How could I not include these? Discovered on a trip to my in-laws and we have been playing every weekend since. Zain is obsessed and it’s a great family game! 


Detangling Brush: If you know the struggle that was brushing Zahra’s hair then you shouldn’t have to ask why this made the list. I am not sure what kind of magic this brush is made of but so many of you have DM’ed me after purchasing and said the same thing!


Battery Operated Picture Light: Living in an old home means plaster walls and finding creative solutions to lighting. When we moved in we opted for battery operated sconces so as to not have to wire our walls and I decided to go the same route in our dining room recently! I had wanted a picture light for so long but cutting through our grasscloth wallpaper and hard wiring something into a plaster wall seemed like too much. I stumbled upon this on Amazon and have been so pleased! 


Checkered Throw Blanket: My new best friend! I have had a few of you message me about the color – I have the sage green and mine is not neon at all like the photo. This guy is incredibly soft and has held up in the wash for us so far! 


Bubble Ball Chandelier: Our new dining room light fixture I have been so pleased with! I had my eye on a much pricier bubble sconce and although the price tag was a bit outrageous the upkeep and installation scared me even more. Having a team assemble bulb by bulb and then the replacement seemed like far too much work. I love that this simply has bulbs inside you can readily change in and out and we’ve been happy so far! 


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