How We’re Battling Allergies

Oct 17, 2018

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Morning from Tucson everyone!

We are excited to soak in all the warm weather and head out on some fun activities today so make sure to follow along over on Instagram. I will definitely share all the recommendations and what we loved and didn’t love in the next few weeks too!

Today’s post is a much anticipated one and I’m so glad you all had so many questions on Instagram and also had so many positive experiences with Molekule. So, if you don’t know Louisville is notorious for it’s allergies. I believe it was voted the worst city in the country for them just last year. I’ve always had terrible allergies and now that we are back it’s only gotten worse and my fear of Zain having the same problem is strong. 

If you don’t know, we just recently moved into our house and although we love all the old character it is also just that, old. We wanted to make sure we were getting fresh air in here, catching pollutants and keeping it as healthy as possible for us and Zain. Enter Molekule

We had tried some systems in Chicago but never really loved anything and when I saw how sleek and functional Molekule was I was intrigued. I asked you all on Instagram and the overwhelming answer was to get it. Many of you said you now own more than one which I’m seriously debating. 

The system runs via two filters and actually destroys the pollutants instead of storing them. The Pre-Filter traps larger particles like dust and pet hair while the PECO-Filter breaks down bacteria, viruses and other pollutants at the molecular level. It’s energy efficient, virtually silent and connects to your phone. If I didn’t love that enough it works so well. As soon as I received it, I ran it’s deep clean function in each and every room and the air honestly smelled different. You can enter how big the room is and just let it go to work in rooms up to 600 square feet in size. The leather handle has made it a cinch to carry all over the house and I have genuinely seen an improvement in our allergies. It’s also wonderful that it blends in with our home and doesn’t take up a ton of space. They have an annual $129 filter subscription that will deliver replacement filters right your doorstep when needed which is so convenient. 

Have you guys tried it yet? Feel free to leave any questions or comments below and hope you are having a wonderful week!


molekule air purifier

molekule air purifier

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best home air purifiers


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