How To Effectively Mix Price Points Into Your Outfits

Oct 30, 2017

casual fall style

Sweater: Nordstrom – similar here and hereJeans: Everlane (c/o) similarScarf: NordstromHeels: Nordstrom – similar hereHandbag: Rebecca MinkoffEarrings: BaublebarSunglasses: NordstromLips: NARS


Since this site was started off the premise that I loved to mix high and low fashion (Get it? Lows to Luxe) I thought I would get back to my roots for a little bit. Price mixing was always something I enjoyed and the smartest way I saw to shop. Style and fashion change so quickly so when it came to most clothing I hesitated to spend more than $50 to $100 on anything. Sure, some staple pieces like sweaters or jeans could convince me but honestly there is so much amazing and affordable fashion out there you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg. 

Where I did find myself spending money was things I saw as long term investments. Handbags, shoes and more classic styles and cuts. When I threw this outfit together it hit me that it was my perfect mix of high and low fashion and a look I loved. It’s classic with a little bit of edge and honestly what more is there to love than boyfriend jeans paired with heels. You feel sexy while still wearing denim pajama pants—win!

I thought I would share a few tips on how to mix items like a pro and see what you guys found valuable when trying it!


Invest In Classics:

This sweater and heels are actually my ‘high’ items. Would you have guessed that? A good pair of black heels and a nice black cashmere sweater with a crew neck will never go out of style. I honestly can’t tell you how often I wear both of these pieces and because of that I appreciate the comfort, quality and texture they have. 



Adding fun pieces like these earrings and scarf to your somewhat classic look allows it to be more fun without spending a ton. Baublebar is my go to for jewelry and accessories and I appreciate how their products hold up. 


Choose Fabric Wisely:

When shopping for lower priced items like my jeans of scarf make sure you are focusing on fabric and texture. Poor quality materials show but just because something is affordable doesn’t mean it has to be made poorly or from inexpensive materials. Rely on places like the BP section of Nordstrom or ASOS to have options and make sure to read those reviews. Fabric is usually the first thing people comment on so you should be able to get an idea. Also, free returns are crucial when shopping online!


Build on Basics:

Keep your base pieces classic and build off of that. Once you have an idea for where you want your look to go it will be easier to throw together. Are you trying to make a statement, take the look from desk to dinner or just be classic? Don’t forget to utilize a good lip color too! 


Speaking of affordable classics, Everlane may be my favorite destination for those. The brand is my favorite place for classic well made pieces that look luxurious but are so affordable. I wear their loafers constantly, have these block heels, live in this silk top and now own these boyfriend jeans. The list goes on! My favorite way to wear these jeans is paired with a pump or loafer and definitely make sure to size down one full size for these. They’re great to go out or even just with slides for a coffee shop workday. 


What pieces do you guys tend to invest in?


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  1. Since I’ve been buying a fair amount of maternity over the past few months, I sort of feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done some ‘investment’ shopping in my wardrobe. I agree that there is such affordable fashion out there, so it makes it hard to spend $100+ on a pair of jeans when I can wait for my favorite fit at Banana Republic to go on sale for under $40. I think there’s a balance of finding quality and affordable pieces, then investing in those one-of-a-kind pieces. Great shoes, quality handbags, and classic silhouette dresses are great pieces to invest in. Also, jewelry like diamond earrings/ necklace and pearls. Those are good basics every woman should own.