men love shoes too.

Nov 26, 2013

a man's boot
  • another edition of the man’s post on the blog today!  today we’re tackling my husband’s favorite topic, boots.
  • there are so many shades and styles of boots out now it makes it hard to narrow it down. i tried to pick a few pairs for each of your different needs. generally, i love a wingtip and when not overdone can we worn from day to night easily.
  • this shoe is an important staple for men because they will wear it from fall through winter. it’s always good to have a pair you can use everyday and one to dress up for drinks or a night out.
  • the left column is for the brave men out there who aren’t afraid to rock a little color.  these shades aren’t too bold and are honestly some of my favorites on this post.
  • i tried to hit lower and luxe price points but for a staple like this i advise you to invest (whatever that means for you) in something he can wear often and still last.
it’s not too early to be holiday shopping so enjoy and let me know what you’ll be buying him this season!
xox, shaheen


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