March Amazon Favorites

Mar 25, 2023

Good morning & happy Saturday! 

We are off to a birthday party and plan on hanging out at home the rest of the day. I’m excited for a low key weekend since Trevor is on call and it’s been raining for a full day here. I haven’t been great at sharing recent Amazon finds lately so wanted to pop on with a few new pieces I have loved this month!



Rattan Platform Sandals

I scoured the internet for these because I believe they are last season but my absolute favorite platform and I regretted not buying them last season. I think platforms can get wild very easily and although I love the LF pair I won’t be paying $500 for them 😉 These are gorgeous in person and not too clunky! I am willing the warm weather to arrive so I can start wearing them. TTS



Cut Out Dress

This surprised me in the best way! The quality is great (in-house brand) and the slits are tiny and in the most flattering place. Not too short on my frame and comes in a few colors and patterns! TTS



Smocked Dress

I loved the fit and style of this dress but was bummed it wasn’t longer. I prefer a midi dress to hit between my calves and ankles and this was on the shorter side on me (I’m 5’8″) – if you are more petite than I am I think it’s a steal though! TTS




Water Bottle Storage

We already own one of these but our bottles start accumulating and it was feeling like chaos again so I just ordered another and the shelf is so much more organized now! 



Vegan Woven Tote

Several of you have sent me this as a similar but more affordable option to my Naghedi bag. The reviews are amazing so wanted to share! 



Quilted Jacket

Just ordered this as a spring layer! In-house brand and it looks so similar to a Frankie Shop coat I had been eyeing for so long. 



Striped Half Zip

They released my half zip in stripes and I love them! I own the solid black and it’s held up well in the wash – I run on delicate and hang to dry. TTS



Curly Phone Case

How cute is this phone case? I have been very into green!



Foot Repair Cream

I keep meaning to share this on stories but forget! I believe I saw this via Brooklyn Blonde but this foot cream is lucious and actually helpful. I put it on at night and then wear fuzzy socks over and it has really helped my heels. 




Hope you all have an amazing weekend! 



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  1. Jenn says:

    Hi Shaheen! Sorry for the weird question, but should there be images on these blog posts or just links? Didnt know if it was a me-thing when reading your blog or thats purposeful. thanks! 🙂