The Easy Way To Eat Healthy All Year

Jan 6, 2016

Say hello to Madison & Rayne! Eating healthy is often a struggle for us especially during the week not because we don’t want to but simply because we don’t have the time & energy to cook after we get home from work. I’ve tried various ‘cook at home’ delivery plans but never liked any of them for so many different reasons like the food never tasted good, it took SO long to prep (what’s the point?) and the choices were limited.

madison and rayne

beef brisket


burssels sprout

shrimp linguine

shrimp pasta

healthy shrimp dinner


healthy dinner

healthy shrimp pasta


shrimp and bacon

easy weeknight meal

healthy pasta dinner

Well, I found my solution. I was excited to try Madison & Rayne not because they found me but because I did a ton of research and found them. I heard amazing things about the flavor of the food and was on board with their no waste policy and their effort to source locally. Trevor and I took a look at the menu on Sunday and our delivery arrived Tuesday. We tried the Beef Brisket with quinoa and their Shrimp Linguine and they didn’t disappoint. I can’t tell you how flavorful the meals were and both took under 10 minutes to prep!

The food comes lettered A-E or F and you simply lay out the ingredients in that order. Each of our meals only needed two pots & there was a max of 3 steps like simmering and stirring for before you are ready to plate! I also love how waste conscious the company is and they let you know if you want to return all the containers, recipe cards and ice packs they will reuse everything.

I literally could not say enough good things about this company, their service & the food. We’ll be doing this for a while to keep us on track since they can modify based on diet restrictions (this week we arr trying Whole 30) & let me know if you have any questions about it! Hope you guys are all having a wonderful week and cheers to sticking to our goals this new year!


This post was sponsored by Madison & Rayne. As always, all opinions are mine & thank you for supporting brands that make Lows to Luxe possible!


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  1. Lauren Nolan says:

    Riiight?! Isn’t it so delicious?! Love love love them 🙂
    Lauren |

  2. CharminglyStyled says:

    As literally the world’s worst cook, I should definitely give this a try! xx