Life Lately XVII

Oct 19, 2017


As usual, things have been crazy around here but I finally feel like everything is starting to settle down. We had a busy September traveling for weddings and having visitors and as much as I loved the time away, I’m really looking forward to staying put. October and the holidays are going to be such a fun adventure this year with Zain! It’s crazy how much he changes each and every day and it’s so wonderful to see him becoming more aware. As much as I crave every next milestone, I’m trying to soak up every moment because he’s growing up so quickly. 

I figured I would fill you all in on some fun stuff we’ve been up to lately and of course share another installment of Zain boo pictures because that’s the real reason you came here.  


Missing Friends

hermitage farm

Side note: I did not realize how bad my tan was from walking for hours with Zain till I saw this picture. Those lines are from the bottom of my workout pants and my tennis shoes!

hermitage farms wedding

Outfit details here


Being friends with the same people since you were in first grade is somewhat of a novelty these days. I feel so lucky that Collegiate offered us a place to meet and that we’ve been able to stay close despite all the stages of life, talking less or more frequently and not seeing each other as often as we would like. When Charlotte got married it was the perfect time to catch up and get our baby boys together! It really reminded me how lucky I am to have them in my life. 


Turning 33

madewell green skirt

Outfit details here


In case you missed it, I turned 33 last month. It feels crazy to say and although I don’t feel a day over 27 maturity wise I’m grateful for another happy and healthy year. It was nice to be home in Louisville to celebrate and we were able to grab dinner at Portage House across the river with friends! 


Mommy & Me Yoga

mommy and me yoga


I got a lot of questions on Instagram about this and can’t reccomend it enough! I think there are a few studios around Chicago that offer it but this class was at my gym. The Chicago Athletic Clubs have tons of great pre and post natal classes plus this mommy and me yoga session. I was holding my breath the first time I went that Zain wouldn’t lose his mind or spit up everywhere but it went so smoothly (he flirted with the instructor the entire time) It was so relaxed and I felt like I got a great work out! 


Zain Boo


This guy is all smiles these days and I love it!

Snuggling with daddy after his nap while we were at Trevor’s parents house in Kentucky!

He started getting a tooth this past week and was sir clings a lot for a day or two so this is how I got things done…

He hates this hat but I love it. On our way to his 4 month checkup before his shots 🙁 

He looks so grown up here, it kills me!

My friend Anar bought him this amazing outfit so he could match his bestie, Toothy Sharkie. 

I often document Zain judging me and this is just another one of those times. When we were home in Louisville we walked across the bridge to grab coffee and took Zain down to the park!

This guy loves looking out the window now and I love pulling his pants up super high. 

Overalls. Need I say more?


Hope you guys have all been having a great week. I’m so excited to head to Cowshed tomorrow with Blair for a fun spa day. We haven’t been since I was pregnant and I’m so happy to get to spend some time with her before the baby arrives!


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