Life Lately Vol. III

Apr 29, 2016

Happy Friday y’all! I’m happy to be back chatting life & am currently sipping on one of these cappuccino’s from my Nespresso. I was so hesitant to invest in the machine but it has seriously life changing. If you don’t want to totally commit and unsure if you would enjoy it I recommend getting a stand alone milk frother, it’s so yummy!

homemade cappucino

So, a few updates going on over here:

  1. Progress: Our little place is finally coming along and I’m excited about the next few projects. I hope you guys liked the peek into our bedroom last week and if you have any good suggestions for new bedside tables feel free to pass them along! I’m thinking these are it but still a bit undecided. Our next area to tackle is the office/desk area and I’m most excited about that!
  2. Wanderlust: Since we sadly had to cancel our trip to Mexico next week because I am paranoid and scared of Zika Virus we decided to book a long weekend to Denver. We usually don’t spend a ton of time in the city since we are normally headed to the mountains so we are excited to explore the city. If you have any recommendations or suggestions please pass them along!
  3. Fam Jam: It was so nice to get to spend some time with my parents this past weekend. They were excited to see our new place and I spent a bit of time with my mother in the kitchen trying to perfect a few recipes that should be on the blog soon! I’m not sure I will ever be as talented as her at cooking but I am slowly trying to improve with Indian food.
  4. Next Chapter: Trevor is finally graduating from residency next month! I’ll never forget him opening that match letter. I had already started residency here in Chicago and we were surviving long distance. I told him I couldn’t make it to the lunch where they all open their papers but was secretly so excited to drive home and surprise him. Although that seems like yesterday it’s coming to an end and although he has one more year of fellowship at Rush University it’s a huge accomplishment. He won’t let me celebrate but I am nonetheless, ha!

Hope you guys are having a great week and hopefully get to enjoy some pretty weather this weekend!


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  1. Arin says:

    Ah, this virus is scary! We still haven’t finalized our honeymoon plans, and I’m at a loss of where to go! Booooo! Denver will be beautiful, too! Have the best time!

  2. Emily Harding says: My fave Denver breakfast stop. As with any great brunch be prepared to sip coffee for an hour while you wait 🙂

  3. Mili says:

    It’s amazing how life changing a milk frother is. And I totally feel you on the Zika virus thing. My brother is going to South America for the summer for work and I contemplated visiting, but am too freaked out by Zika! Hopefully he’ll stay safe too. Denver sounds fun! I’ve never been but it looks beautiful in all the photos I’ve seen. Hope you have a nice trip!


  4. Stephanie A says:

    Nice to see your updates!!! I remember match day too and can’t believe how long ago it was but still seems like yesterday 🙂