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May 10, 2024

Good morning!

How is everyone’s week going? Mine started off great and got a little sidetracked but what I assume is sinusitis unfortunately. I had the most terrible itchy eyes and runny nose last week and was waking up with swollen sinuses and eyes every day. As soon as that cleared up, I woke up with a sore throat and just felt really run down. Thankfully, after a good night’s rest and meds I felt loads better and am forever reminded I live in the Ohio River valley. I’m so excited about this morning because I am off to watch Zahra’s school program and I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves. She told me they ‘sing many songs’ and I’m sure it will be the absolute cutest!

I know we skipped last week’s Life Lately since Derby Week takes over life but I’m excited to be back today and share some fun finds from around the web:


The New Shows & Movies To Watch in April


I scouted this shirt dress for a girlfriend, it’s so flattering and the ruching is spot on. It runs TTS and is currently on sale for $16!!!


11 Completely Free Ways You Can Upgrade Your Home Right Now


If you need a last minute Mother’s Day gift, these pajamas are an OG fave of mine and so many of you and on sale this weekend for $17.


How to be old: Lessons from a 70-year-old former NYC influencer


Just grabbed this dress in denim and want it in all the other colors now!


Everything To Know About And Just Like That… Season 3


The big buckle look for less birks are finally back in stock and on sale!


The Empty Promises of ‘Medical-Grade’ Skin Care


LTK has two great in-app sales this weekend! The best part of the Anthro code is that it works on designer pieces including my white jeans you all went wild over. Linked here with sizing info.


Makeup Artist Gucci Westman Is Not Into Tiktok Beauty Trends


Madewell is also 20% off this weekend, I shared my recent order here and saved a highlight to my profile. 


Well, we all know I had a terrible experience with Microneedling but this is truly scary. 


I have been hunting for the perfect silver necklace and just grabbed this since it’s 40% off!


What Actually Happens When You Walk 10,000 Steps a Day


I’ve been into polka dots lately and this brand never misses, love this dress!


Move Over Love Languages, It’s Time to Learn Your Partner’s Stress Language


How cute are these sandals? I’m obsessed.


Is This Carb-Friendly Diet Healthier Than The Mediterranean Diet?


Since we discussed this last week on stories, The Idea of You: 6 Biggest Changes From Harry Styles–Inspired Book to Movie


Is The ‘Rest Gap’ Why Women Are So Exhausted?



Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!




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