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Apr 12, 2024

Good morning and HELLO FRIDAY! 

This week has been a tsunami and it continues today but I am starting the day getting back to yoga and that has me in a much better mood. I haven’t been in months but the Friday Flow with Stephanie at 502 Yoga is one of my favorites and I need the release. I know I shared briefly about the loss my family has been experiencing lately and the grief and anxiety that accompanies that has been a lot over the past year. I am working on a much longer post around the subject and my personal experience but did get several questions about exactly what happened and why I don’t share more of that so I wanted to touch briefly on this. 

As someone with a public platform I love to share the in’s and out’s of life but I do take my family and my own personal privacy very seriously. Whether it seems like it or not I am very conscious about what I share surrounding my children, my family, and my friends. It’s not to make anything seem ‘perfect’ or pristine but more so for safety, others privacy, and my own mental health. 

One of the greatest gifts of this platform has been sharing my IVF journey and connecting with other women along the way and I plan on sharing more of my health journey and anxiety surrounding that here soon. Just wanted to shed a little light surrounding that and am always happy to chat via DM if you have questions. I also wanted to say thank you for sending in the podcast and book recommendations surrounding grief, I have been making my way through them and appreciate it so much. 

I am so looking forward to sweating everything out this morning and then have a busy work day but for some reason Fridays are always easier when the weekend is on the horizon. Sadly Trevor is on call this weekend but my mom is spending time with us and the weather is supposed to be insanely beautiful, I’m talking 80º and sunny! 

Alright, let’s get into some fun things from around the web: 


Classic ’90s Movies You Should Rewatch as an Adult


I have been stalking this linen dress and it’s 50% off right now!


I Eat 120g of Protein Every Day–These are My Sneaky Protein Hacks


I own this ribbed 90’s tank and love it so much. I can’t believe it’s so heavily discounted in most colors, only $9 this weekend!


This Completely Free Decorating Idea Makes Any Space Feel More Personalized


They finally restocked my ballet flats in in the open weave you all went wild for. 


The Best Wine Pairings for Every Type of Takeout


I just got this dress in and absolutely love it. I like the Nap dresses but find the length really unflattering on myself (I’m 5’8″ and think they are too short) and this one is much longer, has a better strap IMO, and is much more affordable. Highly recommend! 


This Seasonal Spring Vegetable Has More Benefits Than A Multivitamin


This beach shirt cover up is a fav and several of the colors are on major sale. 


Who Is Lord Debling? The Season 3 Suitor Could Spell Trouble For Penelope & Colin


This ballet dress is so good and on sale for $17. Would be perfect with a bump!



This pair of white mules is on my list and on sale for $17 this weekend. 


How You Should Change Your Workout Over 40


I just grabbed a few new things for the house including these ginger jars and this counter dish for our soap.


Seven Books To Read In The Sunshine


My knit ‘going out top’ is finally back in stock and I can’t recommend it enough. Comfortable, fun, and timeless! I found it to run a little small and went with my larger size. 



Hope you all have an amazing weekend! 


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