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Feb 17, 2024

Good morning from NYC! 

How is everyone’s weekend going? I miss Zaza so much but am really thankful we are able to have this time away with just Zain. Sometimes I feel bad he gets lost in the shuffle as an older child and I have been trying to set aside intentional time for just him lately. As most first children he is more mature than expected and it’s easy to forget he’s still so small and needs us so much. We are exploring the city today and I am surprising him with Tickets to Aladdin on Broadway which he is absolutely going to lose it over. If you have any recommendations for kids in the city or good spots to grab a bite, send me a DM over on Instagram. Most of our friends have fled the city by now so we are just out here trying new things! 


A few things from around the web I loved…


The dress that looks good on EVERYONE was just released in new colors, I’m shockingly into this pink. 


Here’s why leaving the honeymoon phase behind in a relationship is actually a good thing


How to stop assuming the worst, was this written for me?


New recipe: Herby Chicken Thighs and Smashed Potatoes


A favorite wide leg pant was finally restocked. 


6 books to read this month


The $40 Hunza G inspired and improved one piece we all went nuts for. 


They finally restocked the rubber birks for summer! These are Trevor’s go-to so I just placed an order because his from 5 was years ago are looking worn. 


On sale: my OG tiered maxi dress you will wear all summer. (45% off)


Obsessed: still can’t get over these clean face cloths. Only use them on heavy makeup days and cut them in half but they are life changing!


Hope you all have a fabulous rest of your weekend!


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  1. Alyssa says:

    Whoa, those EVA Birks lasted five years? Amazing! I picked up a pair last summer and while I love them, I wasn’t sure how durable they’d be. Five years is a long life expectancy for those little sandals – I’m glad to hear it!