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Feb 3, 2024

Good morning and happy Saturday!

How is everyone’s weekend going? Zain was out of school yesterday and it almost feels like we are still rolling out of holiday break despite it being February 😉 My kids haven’t had a full week of school since the holidays so maybe this is the month we all get on schedule. In case you haven’t rolled into your resolutions or goals for 2024, have no fear we have plenty of time! 

Trevor is on call again this weekend so we are laying low and getting laundry and meal planning done and running the kids to swim lessons. I have a Mardi Gras party this evening that I’m hoping to be able to stop by but does anyone know what I wear? I have no idea! 

Let’s chat things around the web I loved this week: 


Have you all watched Love on the Spectrum? I think I am late to the show but my goodness it is phenomenal. It is eye opening, heartwarming, funny, romantic, and everything in between. I can not recommend it enough!!!


4 Trader Joe’s Meal Hacks to make your weeknights easier.


24 Best New Movies Streaming in February 


This gives me Clare V. vibes for less, love the crossbody style. ($25)


Did you see sweet Elmo get trauma dumped this past week? I think everyone needed an ear to listen.


I love these wide leg pants, if you need something for work to weekend at a great price. ($98)


Currently reading: She Started It. I have had a bit of a chaotic week so haven’t made it past the first page. Hoping to actually dive in this weekend!


The viral cosmetic bag I finally snagged and can’t quit, I’m obsessed with how it lays flat and shockingly fits everything I’ve ever needed in it. ($20)


Have you seen this Cold and Flu remedy all over Tik Tok? I don’t have TT so I usually catch these things a month later. 


14 No-Spend Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day.


The Top Fabric Trends of 2024 in home decor. 


My favorite elevated sweatshirt has finally been restocked! It runs roomy so size down but it’s so easy to dress up or down, get it while you can. ($128)


If you have never owned a pair of Tkees, may I recommend? They last forever and have the ultimate comfort level. A favorite pair of mine is 30% off and most sizes are in stock! ($59)


12 Stylish Bath Towels ranked.


The new veggie recipe we tried this week was a Chickpea Curry with Spinach and while Trevor loved it I found it a little creamy for me personally. I added a ton of chili crisp but if you are a fan of coconut milk, try it out! 



Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! 


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