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Nov 1, 2023

Good morning, 

How is everyone’s week going? I can’t believe it is already November 1st! I feel like the month of October vanished between travel, the arrival of fall, and Halloween. I feel slightly in recovery mode still from last night but we had an absolute blast with the kids trick or treating. This was the first year we didn’t need a wagon, stroller, or some other mode of transportation for the kids.  It’s a tad heartbreaking and also exciting that our kids are entering this next phase and feel so independent. 

Wanted to pop on with a few updates and things I found interesting around the web. You all seemed to enjoy when I brought this series back so I am going to do my best to keep it regular! I am also knee deep in holiday content right now so expect to see that live later this week!



  • Decided to grab both the kids tiny trees for their nightstands and mini ornaments to decorate this weekend to get them in the spirit since we won’t put our big trees up for a while. 


  • An interesting article on whether parents and child-free people can be friends. I think any friendship can work for the most part as long as there is effort from both sides but I do see how most of your social life as you get older revolves around your kids and friends whose kids get along with yours. When you also enjoy those adults they seem to blend into life very easily. 



  • Did you read Britney Spears memoir? It’s been a while since I read a book in one sitting but I flew through it this past Sunday. It was honestly so heartbreaking and sad that I just wanted to be done with it. Found this review after and enjoyed it! 


  • Every year during the holidays I recommend these joggers and matching sweatshirt as a gift for the men in your life. I at one point thought they were overpriced but after my mom bought them for Trevor a few years ago for the holidays I have been convinced otherwise. He uses them so much and they have held up perfectly. I happened to be come across this almost identical version yesterday and couldn’t believe it! If you are wanting a more affordable option with the same look and feel, try these joggers and sweatshirt


  • I am finally finishing the details in our newly painted green room and since the walls in there are 130 years old and plaster I have no interest in hard wiring anything new. I grabbed this floor lamp and these battery operated sconces to flank the fireplace! 


  • Zahra will not stop asking to wear this sweater so I just ordered two more styles. It is an in-house brand so the quality is great and the ones I own have washed very well! 


  • Speaking of sweaters, I bought this henley sweater for Trevor a couple weeks ago and love it! Again, an in-house brand and would make a great holiday gift.


  • The current MVP’s of my skincare routine: my LED mask which I wrote another blog post about with a discount code here and these face towels that you all have confirmed are as life-changing as I declared. I cut the towels in half because I find them very large and that also makes the box last forever! 


Hope you survive today and cheers to being half way through the week!


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