Kid’s Summer Essentials

Jun 10, 2022

Good morning! 

How is everyone’s week shaping up? I just got back in town from Nashville on Wednesday and my brother and his family got in town that same day so it has been wild over here. It feels like it’s been so long since the cousins have been together so it’s nice to have some time together. 

I found myself stocking up on a few things over Memorial Day weekend after we took our first trip to the pool so I thought a post on our summer essentials for the kids may be helpful! If you have any tried and true favorites that may be helpful please feel free to leave them in the comments! 



Toddler Swim Trunks

These are all I buy for Zain! I love a shorter short and so many toddler swim shorts are knee length or longer. These are a great price and have always held up so well for each other. Zain wears a 4T!


Twist & Fold Float

If you have a little, this is a dream. Our friends had one in their pool and Zahra loved it so much so I ordered one when we got home. It has the perfect lounging area for a little and I just stayed in the front opening toting her around. 


Pool Tote

I bought this last year and haven’t looked back! I have the XL with regular handles and it is indestructible. I can fit everything I need for the kids inside, clip swimmers on the handles, and not have to worry about stains or spills. Can’t recommend enough!


Waterproof Wet Bag

$10 well spent! I keep this clipped inside my pool tote to throw the kids wet swim clothes inside once we change and are ready to head home. 


Water Shoes

I bought these for the kids last year since they were a fraction of Native’s and the heels of those had started to bother Zain. They held up all summer and I only ordered new ones because we needed new sizes! Run TTS and I highly recommend. 


Silicone Watering Can

Zahra will stay focused at the pool for hours if she has her watering can 😉 I love the size and material of this one so I don’t have to worry about bacteria collecting. They also have beach buckets of toys that are adorable and come with a tote. 


Water Baby 

Another find from a friend 🙂 If your child is obsessed with baby dolls this water baby is adorable and the kids love playing with her so much. 


Mini Stroller Fan

We have owned this since Zain was a baby and still tote it around everywhere. It’s easy to hook on a stroller or bag and use when it’s hot out! 


Kids Beach Towel

We originally were gifted one of these from a friend and have since bought more for the kids. They are currently on sale and will go on sale often and have held up so well! You can also monogram these for easy recognition. 


Supergoop Pump Sunscreen

I stock up on a tub every single year. It’s so convenient to get on the kids before they head off to camp or the pool! 


Pipette Sunscreen

Mineral sunscreen I carry in my tote bag for reapplication at the pool and throughout the day! 




Hope this was helpful and you all have an amazing weekend! 


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