May 13, 2015

 green juice

almond milk


green juice

cold pressed juice

now that summer is sneaking up on us i have been trying to get back on the clean eating wagon. i’ll be posting some yummy recipes i’ve been having success with each week in hopes to help others on the same path.

it takes some preparation to grocery shop but overall i tend to buy less and have easy to make dishes that work for me. after work i hardly want to spend an hour in the kitchen so having quick and healthy recipes is key.

on the same note i was excited to try out a new local juice company, PINT. although juicing can be beneficial it’s hard to get to a juice spot every day and can become super costly. this local company makes fresh batches and delivers them to your door making it much easier to stay on track. i also loved their lack of menu. i’ll admit i was confused at first but they source all their ingredients locally and make fresh flavors each week with what is fresh.

they aren’t into the ‘cleanse’ fad and i appreciate that since i couldn’t sustain a cleanse if my life depended on it (nor do i think they are the healthy) i’m all about supplementing my days with healthy additions and these were delicious (even trevor liked them which is saying a lot since every time i juice he says it tastes likes dead grass)

check out their site out & if you wanna try it they are graciously offering 30% your first order for the first 15 people with the code pint + luxe! cheers to healthy living & let me know if you try it!


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