how to: shop at Forever 21.

Apr 9, 2015

“i love that, where did you get it?”

Forever 21

“you are lying!”


this literally happens to me ALL.THE.TIME. i’m not saying people always compliment my outfits (because that definitely doesn’t happen) but i often get compliments on certain pieces and no one can believe it’s from Forever 21. i do think shopping there takes some patience and thought i would share my technique.

first, NOTHING i have ever purchased from Forever 21 has fallen apart. so although it is affordable and some may say “cheap” i don’t see it that way. you have to know what to buy and always form a plan.

first, always shop online. if you must go in the store to try things on i suggest shopping online first and taking note of product numbers and screenshot images of what you want. this way you are armed with information when you go in because most likely it will be impossible to find what you want. the store is overwhelming and on the weekends downright insane. try to go in the mornings or during the week when there isn’t such a rush.

second, search online with a purpose. have an idea of what you want: some new culottes for spring, a pastel moto jacket, slides for summer? whatever it is the site is too overwhelming to just browse aimlessly. search that piece out and browse the options till you find something with great reviews and good quality.

lastly, stay focused. it is easy to get carried away and add a few things here and there because the price tag is so cheap. but in the end it all adds up so stick to what you came for and get out before you do more damage.

this has worked well for me and because things sell out so quickly i’m sorry what i’m wearing is sometimes already unavailable but trust me when i say i take the time to find the best alternative i would pay for and link it.

let me know if you have any great tips for me & hope this helps some of you navigate the Forever 21 world!


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  1. Katie Baird says:

    I agree with all this. I feel the same thing happens to me a lot and sometimes when I say “I got it at forever 21.” I feel like people are immediately turned off. The one thing I do too is try and look at the quality of things. There are many things that look cheap that I won’t buy but there’s also a lot of pieces that look “high” quality so to speak.


  2. What great advice! I always find Forever 21 overwhelming, so I am definitely going to try your tips!


  3. Anna says:

    These are such great suggestions. I feel like I get so overwhelmed shopping there in person – there’s so much visual stimulation 🙂 I love the tip of staying focused 🙂 XO