Happy New Year And Signing Off

Jan 1, 2018

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My Sunglasses: Nordstrom | My Sweater: AbercrombieYea, I know guys but there stuff is so good now and so affordable! | My Coat: Nordstrom | Trevor’s Coat: Marmot | Trevor’s Sunglasses: Nordstrom | Zain’s Coat: Patagoniathe best kids coat that works in a car seat! | Zain’s Oxford: Gap


Happy New Year everyone! I can’t believe 2018 is already here, where did the past year go? It has undoubtedly been the best and most amazing year of our lives with the arrival of Zain and believe it or not this blog has a lot to do with it also. I wanted to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for all your love, support and friendship over the past year. Whether it’s fashion, food, our infertility journey, motherhood or beyond you guys are always supportive and the best friends to bounce ideas off of!

Today is a little crazy around the Khan Holland house since we are packing and getting ready for our trip to Cabo tomorrow. Trevor is still on call and at work today so I am trying to get everything together and not forget anything, is that even possible? Who knew kids needed so much! Since our Christmas trip was cancelled, this will be our first time flying with Zain and I am insanely anxious about it. He doesn’t watch TV (or I guess I should say I have never let him) but I think I am going to download some episodes of Sesame Street for backup on the plane and pack all the snacks. I’ve heard from everyone to feed or give him his pacifier on the way up and down to help with his ears popping so we’ll be trying that and pray no one is sitting in our row. I booked our flights at his nap times, 9am and 1pm on the return so I’m hoping that works in our favor and he sleeps a good chunk of the ride. 

We were also surprised with a last minute grandparents visit this weekend so actually got to go out to dinner by ourselves! It has been quite some time since we’ve enjoyed a night out with just the two of us and it was much needed. We went to Boeufhaus in Humboldt Park and really loved it. If you happen to make it in, try the short rib beignets and the cauliflower appetizer! As for entrees, all of the steak is amazing you really can’t go wrong. The wine list is also really interesting and I loved the Pinot Noir. 

Okay, so back to some reflection and goal setting. I’m really excited for the upcoming year on the blog and feel so lucky that it has come so far over the past few years. I won’t lie, when I started this site in my living room 4 years ago I never thought it could be a career let alone such a rewarding one. I feel so lucky that you have all embraced not only me but Trevor and Zain and shared so much with us. 

On that same note, as much as I love sharing here I am in desperate need of a break. Becoming a mom, navigating work and adjusting to family life has worn me out and instead of continuing at my current pace (always trying to catch up) I’m excited to take a little time off, enjoy a vacation with my family and come back refreshed with a real plan for where Lows to Luxe is heading and the kind of content I want to bring you guys in the new year. 

You all helped me so much during my reader survey and as always, if you have anything you want to see on the blog feel free to email me at any time! Instagram stories has become the #1 way I connect with you guys (outside of the blog) and I love being able to message back and forth with everyone. I know Instagram isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it’s the easiest place for me to share things in the moment and ask/give advice and share more! 

One thing I’ve really loved over the past year is sharing more about our real life with you guys and learning more about all of you. It seems like besides the normal fashion stuff my most loved posts are about Trevor and I’s relationship, Life Lately’s, Q&A’s and opening up about my journey with motherhood. It shows me that you guys really connect with honesty and real life and I love that because that’s what I enjoy sharing the most. I hope to bring you all even more of that and somehow add in some new ways to connect everyone here in the new year! I’ve received a lot of messages, especially from mom’s wanting to connect with other women in similar situations and I am still brainstorming a way to make that happen so stay tuned! 

So, over the next week I’m sure I’ll be sharing and blabbing away on Instagram stories but check back here for new blog content starting the week of January 8th! I hope to share even more helpful and real life content with you guys this year and can’t wait to learn more about you all along the way! 


Lots of love, 

Shaheen, Trevor and Zain 


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  1. Jenn Lake says:

    Hope you guys have a wonderful getaway, friend! Cheers to 2018!