Groupon x Nordstrom

Aug 22, 2014

so, i know i’m not alone when i say anytime i’m online shopping or going into a store i search online for coupon codes to use at checkout or to find promotions online. i will often jump from browser to browser irritated that some codes don’t work & confused about others. well, Groupon has now answered my prayers. they have managed to create free coupon pages that allow you to see current online & in store promotions in ONE place. you can simply click through the retailer you choose and see what specials are currently going on & what has previously been offered (so you can decide to wait it out or not for a new sale)

when i was searching for fall peep toe boots at Nordstrom i checked the Groupon Coupon page to see if i could save anywhere besides free shipping. although there was no current promotion for boots i did see they were having a sale in store on dresses so i decided to check it out for an upcoming vaca. i normally NEVER go in stores because it overwhelms me and i feel the need to investigate every inch for the best deal but this alleviated my anxiety. i popped in on wednesday night while i was downtown and went straight to the B.P dresses section & found some adorable pieces on sale. let me know what you think of these peep toe boots (i can’t decide on anything) & the Groupon Coupons!

happy friday y’all!




this post was sponsored by Groupon. as always, all opinions are my own!


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