What To Buy For Mom and Dad

Nov 29, 2017


Mom, Dad, Mother in Law, Father in Law—they are always the hardest people to shop for. No matter how I prepare I always feel like I am at a loss of what to get them. Now that I’m older and want to buy them things they will actually use and love my parents and in laws refuse to tell me anything they want, anyone else? I think they just don’t want their kids buying them gifts but it always makes it a little more challenging. 

I’ve narrowed down a few categories that I’ve tried over the past few years and have seemed to go over well. Obviously nobody knows your parents like you do but if you are at a loss these have proved effective. 

As far as my mom and mother in law I’ve always found jewelry and skincare to be great picks. I usually try to do a starter kit of some sort when it comes to skincare so they can try out new brands and see what they really like. La Mer is on of my favorites but so expensive so this gift set is amazing because it’s much more affordable, comes with a gift and anyone who wouldn’t love this just hasn’t tried it yet. 

I also recently bought my mom this bathrobe for her birthday and its the one thing I constantly see her using when I face time her or come home. I actually like it so much after I bought it for her I bought myself the same one. They are so insanely cozy and perfect for the winter. 

If your mom is into clothes I think a classic wrap coat or cute pair of boots or slides is a great gift. These booties and OTK boots are perfect for any age and both so comfortable. If you’re unsure on taste and what type of style they prefer, this tote bag is an easy answer. I along with almost every girlfriend I have owns this bag in one color or another and it’s the perfect carryall!





Men tend to be a little harder for me to shop for. Clothes can be tricky so I usually stick to sweaters or pajamas and I’ve found house slippers to be a great idea! If you know their taste a watch is such a classic and thoughtful gift too!

I have personally bought almost everything on this guide for my husband, father or father in law at this point and am happy to report I see them wearing them all the time. These house slippers are so comfortable and last forever. I randomly found these Ugg sweatpants in Nordstrom last year and loved how soft the inside of them were so I snagged them from Trevor and then eventually stole them and no wear them myself 😉 

My mom bought this Bose sound link for Trevor a few years ago and he usually it daily! He takes it to work and uses it around the house and my brother liked it so much he bought it for himself also. I have these headphones and so do my dad and brother and they’re pretty magical especially on long flights! 



Hope this helps you with some ideas if you are lost and hope you are surviving the week back from Thanksgiving! 


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