Holiday Shop: For The Dudes

Nov 25, 2015


One of the hardest categories for me every year: gifts for men. I think shopping for the guys in your life can be the trickiest so i rounded up a few fun and unusual gifts to try this year!

Watches are always a big budget item I think guys enjoy and this Shinola watch is one of mine & Trevor’s favorites. There are so many lower priced options I love too like this Timex and their line for J.crew which Trevor has been wearing this watch I got him for Christmas 3 years ago non stop.

Boots are always another gift I think guys love – they aren’t always the best at picking their own out so it’s nice to treat them and relieve their annoyance at shopping hah.

For smaller stocking stuffers I love the Hershel travel cases and on the go bags and swear by this hair clay – I love the smell and Trevor likes the product so it’s a win win.

The last easy choice for me is new electronics! This speaker was a gift from my parents a few years ago has served us so well! It’s easy to transport and the sound is amazing. For a guy that didn’t ask for it i think it would be an awesome surprise!

Let me know what guy gifts work for y’all because I’m still on the hunt & don’t forget to check out my full 30 page Holiday Guide! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, travel safe and I will be posting some insider tips on Black Friday so keep your eye out for that!


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