How To Find A Gift For Everyone On Your List

Dec 11, 2017

best holiday giftsIn partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond, a brand I truly love and visit often!


Okay, guys. Let’s get serious. 


There are only a few weeks left before Christmas arrives and I’m still unclear how I still have so much shopping left to do. I ventured into Bed Bath & Beyond a over the weekend (as you saw on Instagram stories) and was determined to find everything I needed in one place. Shopping with a baby is not as enjoyable as shopping alone used to be so I have no interest in running to a million different stores. Bed Bath & Beyond has become my one stop shop when it comes to gifts, home decor, baby items—you name it. They are making it easy to #SleighTheHoliday!

The only real problem with going into the store is that I then continually find things I didn’t know I needed 🙂 Last time I stopped in with my friend Anar, we found a weighted pillow you can warm that has changed my world. Who knew I needed that in my life?! 

Some of the hardest gifts for me to choose are my white elephant gift exchanges, secret santa and those smaller items. I curated a few picks that I think will work great and you can always search their curated gift guides as well (you can search by trend, passion and even price)


For The Cook:

This is what I always hope for on Christmas! For some reason, I never get myself kitchen ware and new kitchen gadgets make me happy. I picked up these new ceramic mixing bowls—the bowls are graduated shades of grey (what more could you want?!) and the perfect sizes for baking. I paired the bowls with the cutest cookie scoop for my secret santa and a cookie mix for a cute little cookie making package. 

holiday cookie recipe

chocolate chip cookie recipe

best kitchen gifts

chicago food blogger


For The All Natural:

After seeing oil diffusers everywhere for the past few years, I finally decided to try one myself and think this would be the perfect gift! I loved the look of this particular one and the sales associate at Bed Bath & Beyond said it’s weight was distributed the best! I picked up a trio pack of intro scents that included Lavender, Peppermint and Lemongrass. I’ve been using the Peppermint constantly since it feels perfect for the holidays too. 

homemedics oil diffuser

how to use an oil diffuser


For The Coffee Lover: 

Guys, this handheld milk frother I found is LIFE CHANGING. I have a Nespresso but sadly to use the frothing component it takes a ton of work and clean up after. This little handheld guy froths your milk on the spot, takes two seconds, and cleans itself! I use it with almond milk and even my coconut milk creamer when I’m feeling fancy. The coconut doesn’t froth like a normal latte but it tastes sweeter to me! I also grabbed this love mug, isn’t it adorable? They have a full line of holiday mugs that would be great secret santa gifts and you could always stuff them with candy or chocolate!

coconut milk creame

how to froth your milk

joy coffee mug


For The Person You Can’t Figure Out:

We all have that person we can never figure out what to buy for them. House slippers have become my go to! I know I mentioned it a few weeks ago during my other gift guide but I’ve never met anyone (man or woman) that hasn’t loved them. These Minnetonka slippers are great for guys and girls and come in a slew of patterns and colors. I have these and the plaid version

minnetonka slippers

minnetonka slippers



What are some of your favorite gifts to give? Don’t forget to check out the Holiday Guides in Bed Bath and Beyond and their online store! 


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  1. Stephanie A says:

    I’m loving the idea of the oil diffuser – I’ve been wanting to get one!!