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Feb 27, 2014







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everyone needs happy jewelery in their life, right?

with this weather i have been craving color. not only have the days been cold but most have been dreary making me lunge towards colorful clothes!

this bright emerald blazer is so comfy and was perfect to pair with my newest addition courtesy of Klustershop. Laura & the Klustershop team were sweet enough to send over this edgy piece to me and I love nothing more than supporting local business that are run by women. The company hails from my hometown Louisville, KY and focuses on creating happy jewelery for happy people, what more could you want? this piece is now available as an early release and was perfect for my style mixing a beautiful matte black onyx with a speckled pyrite for a unique but classic feel.

the rare warm saturday provided ample sun to shoot and a happy shaheen. i decided to pair this blazer with an easy black tank and my new favorite distressed denim from the all saints outlet to give it a casual but chic vibe. since the necklace is such a statement piece i kept the rest of my jewelery simple and pulled an oldie but always fun kate spade bag to pair it with. this bag is maybe 6 or so years old but never goes out of style…the material, shape, & pattern are still relevant today and that’s what i love about handbags.  i’m glad it’s almost time to wear these zara heels on heavy rotation (fingers crossed) and thought the look was perfect for a night out!

let me know how you’re feeling about emerald these days and make sure to head over to Klustershop and pick up this necklace for yourself!




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  1. Aww, thank you SO much, Shaheen!! You look absolutely fabulous – emerald really is your color! Thanks for making our new Rockstar Necklace look so radiant. xoxox <3

  2. Rachel says:

    I remember when you got that bag in D school! 🙂 you look amaze! As always, thanks for the inspo and the mid-day fashion break!
    Love, RGE

  3. Stephanie says:

    What else is there to say about this outfit other than you look gorgeous! I can’t wait to start wearing more color (and that’s saying a lot for someone who lives in black). The simplicity of the outfit makes it look effortless! One of my favorite posts so far!

    • admin says:

      thanks steph!!! such a sweet compliment and i’m glad my master’s jacket (as trev calls it) found it’s way onto the blog. shows how much men know about fashion 😉 xox

  4. Erin says:


    I love this outfit! I love Klustershop too! They are such a wonderful company and so incredibly nice. I love the necklace! I think I am going to have to pick one up.


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