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Aug 14, 2015

lob haircut

short hair

I did it. chopped my hair again. It seems like I drastically chop my hair once a year and it feels great. I go back and forth with short hair because I put my hair up everyday at work but the lob is my savior. This cut was seriously unlike any other and I have so many tips & tricks to share with you guys. Kelsey at George the Salon was the sweetest and for once I liked chatting with my stylist the whole time. She gradually took my length up and let me check it on the way so I wouldn’t have a panic attack which I greatly appreciate.

She kept it a little longer in the front than back to frame my face and just texturized without doing layers. I love that I can let me hair air dry now and not worry about it being weighed down. Kelsey also taught me how to achieve those beachy waves i have attempted a million times.

beach waves

Okay, so here’s the lowdown:

1. After drying your hair spritz the roots with some texturizing sea salt spray

2. Split your hair into lower and upper sections pinning the top one up. my hair only needed 2 but if you have longer or thicker hair it may need a few more.

3. Make sure when curling to leave the last 1/2 inch untouched! this was my epic mistake I always curled my hair and wondered why it looked more ‘done’ than I wanted it to be

4. Alternate the way your curler faces going towards the face or away from the face. You can either do each layer the same way or alternate each chunk of hair

5. If you want more volume elevate your hair while curling and if you want more body in the center hold your hair straight out

6. Always curl the section right around your face away from you

7. Always make sure you let your curls cool before messing them up so you don’t lose the bend

8. After it cools throw your head over and shake it out and run your fingers through whatever you think should be pieced out!

Voila! the beachy hair I’ve always wanted!

Let me know any tricks you use when fixing your hair & hope you all have a great weekend!

PS thanks to everyone for their love and support yesterday. In case you missed it our home was featured on Design Sponge (AHHHH!) you can check it out here!


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  1. Tara says:

    Your hair looks awesome like this! I love the beachy waves.