festival season ready.

May 14, 2014

now that coachella is over get ready for lollapolooza to invade chicago!

the midwest fest is packed with festival fashion & i’m happy to supply all the inspo! my favorite look for festival season is a great tank dress that’s easy to wear, fitted, & oh so breathable. this is so key when you’ll be eating & drinking all day (water, of course)

cover that with a patterned kimono in either spring florals or an asian inspired print and now start to LAYER! booties or a pair of chic flats are my favorite…i just had to include these jason campbell numbers because they’re on sale and who could resist?

next, decide which accessory to load up on:  i prefer a few delicate necklaces or bracelets but not both. too much always screams “i’m trying to hard” and aren’t hippies effortless?

while you’ll be out in the field all day make sure to take some gloss and mascara to refresh yourself and keep your makeup natural! let me know what tips you have for staying cool at music & street fests!




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