Everything You Need To Know About The AGolde Riley Jean

Mar 31, 2021

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Good morning! 

I am so excited for today’s post and can’t believe I have never written this prior. The AGolde Riley Jeans are my all time favorites and I always chat with you all about them in DM’s. I personally think they flatter every body type but they do have a few sizing and fit quirks that I figured would be helpful to share here in a post rather than an Instagram Story that disappears again. 

First up, let’s chat about why I like them so much. They were the first pair of jeans I bought after having Zain and I loved how they made me feel. I was searching for a great straight leg jean with just the smallest bit of edge. I thought this fit the bill perfectly with the raw hem and I liked that the length would looks awesome with boots, flats or anything in between. It’s almost like the perfect crop. 

Once I got them on there was no turning back. They make your peach look amazing and I think hug you in all the right places. I always feel most confident and pulled together in these which is probably why you see them so often. I also think the wash is one of the best I’ve seen on a pair of denim. It’s easy to dress up or down and hasn’t gone out of style in the many years I’ve worn them.




Now, for a few sizing details: 

They run snug: I ordered a size up since I had just had Zain and they were very snug then and fit well now. I would say you should go at least 1-2 sizes up in them! Most places offer free shipping and returns so I always think ordering a few sizes is your best bet. Also, a little reminder that no one knows what size your pants are but YOU. Over time, I have learned to not care about what ‘size’ I wear in things and just focus on what feels most comfortable to me. There is no reason to squeeze yourself into something that may not feel good because you will then never reach for that piece to wear. 

They don’t have crazy stretch: This may sounds like a con but it’s a pro when it comes to these jeans. I say they don’t have a ton of stretch because so many jeans are stretchy these days. These fit like a true denim to me and that’s not to say they aren’t comfy, they just don’t have a lot of wiggle room. 


I know the brand tends to be a bit pricey but I feel like they make investment pieces you will more than get your pennies worth from. I also invested in their Parker denim shorts years ago and shared a full review on those here. People always asked me if it was crazy to spend $128 on shorts but I hate shorts and they were the only denim pair I ever used. They had the same great construction and were an appropriate length that didn’t make me feel  like a teenager. This year I also added these $15 Target denim shorts to my repertoire more for when I’m hanging around outside with the kids because my stuff always gets extra dirty. 



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Hope this was helpful and if you have any questions that I may have missed just leave them in the comments! Have a wonderful Wednesday!



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  1. Rachelle Mckerjee says:

    Are yours the long or cropped Riley?

  2. JoJo says:

    Hello hello! Have you tried Riley in their stretch denim? I have two pairs without stretch and I like the rigid feel and the longevity. I just bought a pair of Agolde Riley in their stretch denim and I’m worried about longevity. I’ve owned stretch denim in the past and they end up whiskering or stretching out in undesirable and irreparable ways. Thanks in advance for your insight!