My Everyday Beauty Routine

Mar 3, 2016

I know I have told you all my ‘everyday’ work week beauty routine is almost non existent but lately I have stepped up my ‘night out’ makeup regimen and am loving the results! I thought I would round up a few of my must have’s and let you know what I love using them for and definitely want to hear anything you have in your makeup cabinet that you swear by.

makeup essentials

smashbox lipstick

As an Indian girl my dark under eye’s are my biggest concern. With dark skin tired eyes are so noticeable and it can be such a task finding the right way to cover them up. I’ve only recently found a combination I like and finally feel like something is working. I’ve also noticed a huge change in the evenness of my skin overall so I’m happy with the recent purchases!

So, here is the breakdown in order of application:

  1. Mac Prep & Prime Highlighter: I use this as a base to lighten around my eyes. I just twist the tube half a turn (it can squirt a lot out so beware) and brush it around the corner of my eye, above and below and then blend with a concealer brush.
  2. Mac Pro Longwear Concealer: Again, just squirt a tiny bit out because it will go a long way. I cover above and below my eyes first and then use it sparingly on any dark spots I see throughout my face working it in with the same concealer brush.
  3. Mac Pressed Powder: I apply this all over lightly with a large brush – it really helps everything set and makes sure my face doesn’t look greasy.
  4. Stila Blush: My ultimate! I never go anywhere without at least powder and blush on and I feel like this blush lasts all day and the color is perfection. Many of my friends loved it so much they asked to try it and it literally looked good on every single one (who were all different shades and races)
  5. Smashbox eye shadow palette: I generally use this neutral palette and put the lightest color all over my eye with this brush. I then use a light brown shade in the area directly below my eyebrow and the darkest shade in the crease for a bit of smokiness. I am by no means a makeup artist so if you have any tips on application please share!
  6. LancĂ´me Eyeliner: I borrowed my mom’s pencil eyeliner when I was in high school and have been using the same kind ever since! I tried liquid for a bit since my eyeliner tends to smudge because of my one lazyish eyelid but I ended up going back to the pencil and I still love it too much to try to switch again.
  7. Dior Mascara: This is one of the pricier things I splurge on but I feel like no other compares. I also just learned to curl my lashes from the base and middle prior to application and after, who knew?
  8. Benefit Gimme Brow: LIFE changing. This is generally used to thicken brows (which I don’t need ha) but I use it sparingly to fill in where mine are thin and I love the way it looks. I never noticed my eyebrows were faint in certain areas till I used this for the first time and saw a photo – it makes a huge difference!
  9. Smashbox Lipstick & Tom Ford Lipsticks: Two of my favorites and I don’t mind spending a little more on lipstick since I don’t wear it that often. These two brands tend to last a lifetime and their neutral shades are the best!

My Favorite Beauty Products:

Hope this helps you out just a little bit – I definitely try to go for a more subtle natural look but always love hearing tips for smoky eyes and other fun pops of color to try!


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  1. Maggie says:

    I have dark undereye circles too (thanks, genetics) and so I have to try that prime highlighter!!