my summer with equinox.

Aug 29, 2014

as sad as i am that summer seems to be coming to an end i have to admit it’s been one of the best ones yet! blogging has brought me to so many people & experiences i could have never imagined.

this summer i was able to join the Equinox family. and when i say family i totally mean it. the amount of support, kindness, & graciousness i have received from the instructors & staff has amazed me.

i started out at LOLLARIDE which if you follow my social media you already saw a glimpse of. we packed the Chop House in bucktown and donned our glowsticks to ride it out in a one hour spin class to the Dj stylings of Matt Roan & DJ Megan Taylor. not only did the class kick my behind but time flew & it had everyone pumped up for lollapalooza weekend.


if that wasn’t enough i followed up with sunrise barre burn on the rooftop of the Hotel Lincoln. there is nothing quite like watching the sunrise over the lake to make you appreciate this city and everything you have.


these special classes make it exciting to be healthy and i’m all for that. i can never seem to maintain the same workout regimen since i get bored easily & this change up seemed to cure that.

i was sad to never squeeze in a Find your Chi class! yoga on oak st beach sounds serene but work has gotten so crazy i could never make it there.

if the gym workouts weren’t enough, the spa was to die for.  working on patients all day does a number on my back & kaytlin literally melted that away!

i’m already looking forward to the next installment of classes & if you ever want to join send me an email or get in touch with Brittany Knott at about membership info!

happy long weekend loves!!! i know i need it & i’m sure you do too – enjoy your holiday & get excited for fall style posts coming next week!




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  1. Jess Zimlich says:

    I’m a huge fan of barre and take classes at Bar Method here in KC. But practicing on a rooftop at sunrise sounds out of this world!