My Easy Weekday Lunch Hacks

Apr 24, 2018

easy weekday lunch hacks

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Hi guys!

So I know I have been promising this post for a while now but it weirdly has taken me so long to write. I wanted to make sure I included everything and honestly had no photos of most of these things because I just scarf them down. 

Today’s post is full of non-recipe ‘recipes‘ and are just quick and easy things I throw together for weekly lunches. They have proven to be healthy, filling and so easy to make so I thought I would pass them along!

Pictured above is my favorite pre-made salad from Trader Joe’s, the TJ’s Field Fresh Chopped Salad with Chicken. It is definitely not a recipe unless you consider open, mix and eat a recipe but stay tuned for my full Trader Joe’s shopping list coming next week! 


Quinoa Veggie Burger Taco Bowl

quinoa burger taco bowl


Okay, so this is probably my favorite but I try to limit how much I actually eat it so I don’t get tired of it too quickly. It was inspired by Jess and I prep a lot of the toppings on the weekend. All you do is grab the Southwest Salad Kit at Trader Joe’s (it’s the best one!) and I separate it all out. Toss a portion in the dressing, add avocado, red and yellow peppers and a quinoa cowboy veggie burger from Trader Joe’s! I cook it on the cast iron till it get’s really crispy and then top it with the Trader Joe’s Green Dragon hot sauce and Valentina Hot sauce (it’s the best!) It’s super filling and tasty!


Masala Veggie Burger Salad

masala veggie burger salad


This is something I just started throwing together last week but really love. I toss some field greens in a bowl and add some brussels sprout mix in. I love these mixes because they add a lot of texture and crunch! I top it with a crispy Trader Joe’s Masala Burger (they aren’t spicy!) and chickpeas. You could always add some avocado for extra fat and protein too. I then top it with the Trader Joe’s Green Goddess dressing! When I found this I was worried it would taste awful because it’s super low in calories and fat but it’s actually really good and kind of spicy so goes well with the burger. 


Salmon with Zhoug sauce

trader joe's zhoug sauce


This is an easy lunch or dinner around here! My favorite way to cook salmon is in a foil pouch in the oven. I usually cook it for 20 minutes at 400 degrees and just top the salmon with olive oil and black pepper before cooking! I then add the Trader Joe’s Zhoug sauce on top and it is heaven! It tastes like a mix between chimichurri and an Indian chutney!



Veggie Tacos

veggie tacos


I noticed this frozen Frontera meal a few weeks at the grocery and figured I would try it! I was not disappointed. It’s super easy to heat up on the stove top and I then added it to whole wheat tortillas and topped with avocado and hot sauce! Really easy and so quick. 


Butter Chicken 

trader joe's butter chicken

Don’t mind the Instagram story photo haha! It was the only picture I could find 🙂


Another TJ’s hack! I warm up some cauliflower rice on the stover (tip: the frozen is much better than the fresh at TJ’s and then you don’t have to worry about timing) with a little black pepper and start the chicken. I usually do chicken breasts and make sure to chop bigger chunks. I add it to a saucepan with Trader Joe’s butter chicken masala and make sure to season it. I usually add garlic, cumin, black pepper and chili pepper! I wish I had actual measurements but I really just do it on the fly. I add quite a bit of chili pepper to make it spicy but totally up to you! 



I will try to add any new hacks I come up with to the food highlight section on Instagram and if you guys have any questions at all just let me know!



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  1. Kimber says:

    These all look amazing! Love that a majority of them are vegetarian!