10 Easy Slow Cooker Whole 30 Recipes

Oct 4, 2016

With my recent dip into the workout world, I have also been trying to cook a lot more. Less eating out is always a reality if the fridge is stocked and I have a general idea of what I’m making all week.

The downfall occurs when I get home tired from work, have no idea what to make & don’t have everything I need on hand. You may as well just queue the delivery order. Lately, I have been trying to be better about preparing my grocery list on Saturday and planning out the week. A huge help has been slow cooker recipes. Just like the one I shared last month, all of these are easy to toss together and can cook while you are at work and be ready to go when you get home!

Even though we aren’t following Whole 30 strictly anymore, we still abide by a lot of the tips we picked up from the program. Our breakfasts are usually eggs and a protein and I try to make as many Whole 30 dinners as I can. We also never stopped using Tessemae’s dressings! If you haven’t tried the brand, do! We discovered the brand when we were searching for a compliant ketchup and have been using it ever since. Most of the dressings also serve as marinades and I add them to protein or veggies when cooking! They pack a ton of flavor and are so healthy.

I rounded up 10 easy slow cooker Whole 30 recipes that we have enjoyed or are on our list to make this week! Let me know what easy meals you guys have been making during the week because I am always trying to mix things up!


1. Lemon Thyme Chicken

whole 30 lemon chicken


2. Jalapeño Chili

whole 30 jalapeno chili


3. Creamy Coconut Chicken

whole 30 coconut curry chicken


4. Teriyaki Chicken

whole 30 teriyaki chicken


5. Coconut Tumeric Chicken

whole 30 coconut tumeric chicken


6. Moroccan Chicken Skillet

whole 30 moroccan chicken skillet


7. Fajita Salsa Chicken

whole 30 fajita salsa chicken


8. Moroccan Chicken Thighs


9. Lamb Barbacoa


10. Ropa Vieja


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  1. Michelle Starbuck Amos says:

    Ooh, thanks! We’re starting Whole 30 again later this month.

  2. Anika May says:

    Amazing recipes, definitely want to try some out!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  3. Maggie says:

    Oh my gosh these all look SO GOOD. I can’t pick just one!


  4. amy loochtan says:

    I love slow cooker meals! These all look amazing!
    Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

  5. Sarah Lindner says:

    Oh wow! These all look amazing and the pictures are just incredible!! I am def going to have to try some!

    Sarah Lindner

  6. Nicole Hewett says:

    The coconut Curry chicken links to jalapeño chilli…can you fix that? Thanks!