don’t think just midi.

Nov 19, 2013

don't think just midi.
the perfect holiday gift to women : the midi skirt.
  • whether you’re feeling bold and want to rock a hip hugging version or feeling the more relaxed a-line fit, this hemline can work for anyone!
  • a couple tips, find a pattern or texture that you like and work your top and accessories around that. although i think i’m a bit too old for a crop top, one with long sleeves that shows just a sliver of skin looks amazing paired with these. if that’s too much for you try a fitted sweater or tee with a bold accessory.
  • make sure the length is right on you. these should hit about half way down the shin or a little shorter. when it gets too long it can quickly look like you grabbed your grandmas old comforter and threw it on :/
  • last tip, do this look with a heel, it will elongate your body and look oh so elegant.
if you had been wondering what to wear to your christmas party, problem solved. no need to thank me!
xox, shaheen


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