How To Do Halloween On A Budget

Oct 14, 2015

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I love to DIY my Halloween costume. Trevor and I have done everything from Duck Dynasty to Alice in Wonderland. It’s so much fun to go to the thrift store and grab pieces to incorporate with your own! Buying expensive outfits never made sense to me since you rarely get any use out of them after that one weekend.

This year, I am dead set on doing a Dia de Los Muertos-themed costume, and I stopped by Unique Thrift store to grab everything I need. They have full costumes, thrift items, and everything from wigs to vampire teeth! I was able to snag face paint in a few colors and a fun black top I wouldn’t have to worry about getting paint all over. I added my own flower crown I had from a music festival and ripped black jeans and flats.

halloween face paint

  1. I started with my base makeup on since I was only doing half my face, but if you want to paint your entire face you may not want any makeup on!

halloween costume tutorial

lob haircut

2. Start with white as your base and evenly spread it out. Use a Q-tip or your finger to straighten the lines. It’s easy to spread, and I used two coats just to make sure it was opaque.

halloween face painting

3. Fill in everywhere, but make sure to leave some space around the eye to add another color.

halloween face paint tutorial

4. I chose red but you could pick anything you like. Smooth the color around your eye, staying as clear as you can of your actual eye!

face paint

5. Use the black liner to draw in any design you wish. I did triangles around my eye and a slanted smile with stitches.

dia de los muertos face paint

6. Use a bold lip color that really pops for one half of your lips!

dia de los muertos costume

flower headband

day of the dead costume

halloween costume

dia de los muertos costume

8. Add a floral crown and you are all set!

day of the dead costume

I’m all about comfort for Halloween so i went with a T-shirt and jeans, but I think a cute black dress would look more dressed up! The face painting is totally the focus of the look, and I was so happy with how easy it was to wash off! I tried to illustrate step by step how to create the final look, but let me know if you have any questions!

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