currently obsessing over backpacks.

Feb 21, 2014


it’s time for the next edition of lust, must, why not?

i’m currently obsessing over backpack’s and if someone wants to drop a vintage chanel off at my door i wont say no! i know this may not be something i will use in the long term so i’ll most likely be picking one up from a vintage store or the “why not?” category.

backpack’s are so easy to wear, stylish, & low maintenance especially for someone like me who tends to carry everything possible in their bag! although a neutral may be more practical i’m loving blush this spring and floral’s are a huge trend. whatever you chose, have fun with it because this is definitely a trend to experiment with!

on a sidenote: my blog links have gone under a bit of a remodel lately! for posts like these just click on whatever item you may want or like and you will be directed to the page where you can shop it in a new tab! hope this is easier for y’all and more streamlined. there will be a change for the style post’s as well and it will be a bit different but i’ll let you know on the next one i post!

let me know how you’re feeling about the trend and i hope to be styling one of these babies in a post soon! happy friday y’all!


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  1. This post is awesome! I’m obsessed with the quilted backpack in black. I have been on a backpack kick lately and I think I’ve found “the one.” Thanks girl!!

    • admin says:

      oh i’m so glad i could help!!! thanks so much for stopping by to read and you’ll have to let me know how the black one works for you! xox

  2. I absolutely love the vintage style backpack and have been scouring the web for them. These are awesome.