Summer Cookout Recipes

Jul 15, 2015

so last week trevor & i were excited to host some of our friends for a fun cookout. luckily our rooftop has an incredible city view and some grills up there. it was the perfect summer day and obviously i scoured my pinterest to find some easy and delicious recipes.

i wanted things that were quick but also full of flavor and loved everything i made so much i figured i would share a few snaps and the links to the recipes i used and tweaks i made.

watermelon & blackberry salad

watermelon salad

watermelon & mint salad

the inspiration came from countless pics and i think you could substitute so many things for the blackberries (they just happen to be my favorite) i used a small seedless organic watermelon and chopped it up in to cubes. i threw it in a bowl with blackberries and garnished with mint. the fruit was so juicy i didn’t top or season at all!

grilled romaine salad

romaine salad

grilled romaine

i had never grilled romaine before but saw this recipe and was immediately intrigued. i did simplify this a ton because i didn’t have much time but everyone seemed to love it and didn’t use the olive oil dressing i had. i just used my misto spray and lightly sprayed both sides of the romaine hearts after cutting them in half on both sides. i had trevor throw them on the grill for a few minutes on each side and the corn for 8 or 9 minutes. shred the corn & then top with chopped avocado and corn off the cob, that easy!

baked brie & asparagus bites with prosciutto

bread & brie

brie appetizers

brie & asparagus

this had to be my fav! i grabbed a fresh multi grain loaf and chopped it up into halves. i put a touch of olive oil in a pan and warmed them up on either side. i then threw the prosciutto on and cooked until crispy. i set the prosciutto on the side to dry and threw the asparagus on and cooked for about 8 minutes in the remaining fat. i used a round of light brie cheese and sliced up squares to fit my bread. i placed the cheese on the slice and warmed it up on the pan and immediately placed the asparagus on top and topped with prosciutto crumbles. i have a few vegetarian friends and left the prosciutto off and they loved it too!

i’m always on the hunt for new & easy recipes so if you have any you have tried lately let me know!


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  1. Lauren says:

    The grilled romaine and baked brie with asparagus look SO DELICIOUS!! I didn’t know just how hungry I was until now haha! Definitely going to try this.


  2. WHAT?!?!?!? This looks amazing! Want to come make it again on my rooftop this weekend 😉

  3. Sarah Lagen says:

    Yumm!! Can I come over the next time you are having a rooftop party!??! These all look great and easy!

  4. Michelle says:

    I just bought everything to make the Brie and asparagus bites! Thanks for the recipe!