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Mar 20, 2015








generally, i’m not a huge makeup person mainly because i’m not great at applying it. i go bare faced to work because my patient’s could care less what i look like and luckily have friends like laurie who often make me feel beautiful with her magical hands when i need it.

However, Clarins new spring line is getting me pretty excited about makeup! the best part may be the moisturizing lip colors since i’m a chapstick addict. their colors are so fresh for spring and make me excited to try new looks.

if there is one area i am extremely worried about it’s my under eye. i feel like it gives away a woman’s age and being indian i tend to get dark circles that make me look tired. i have been trying every cream under the sun and have to be honest and say their eye regeneration cream feels like silk going on. they seem to be brighter and firmer already and i will give you another update once i finish the bottle in a few months!

let me know what new makeup you are trying for spring and what products you can’t live without!




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  1. Jen says:

    Those lip balms look amazing! I’ve tried their “lip perfecter” lately and was really impressed. Although their exfoliator made me break out 🙁

    If you find any miracle under eye creams let me know! I’m on a hunt for one, as well

    xo, Jen