Chatting All Things CBD

Sep 18, 2019

chatting all things cbd

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Morning guys! 

Hope you are all surviving this week and enjoying some fall-ish weather. Today’s post is a long one but one I have been meaning to write for quite a long time. You guys sent in some great questions surrounding CBD a few months back and I wanted to make sure I was able to answer everything in depth and point you in the direction of the experts in case I can’t. 

First off, I just want to say that I am not a CBD expert and do not have all the answers. You should always consult your doctor before you take any new medications and reach out to an expert with your questions. I have just been getting questions on what I use and why so wanted to share a little bit of what I’ve learned. 

I have tried a few different brands of CBD products but the one I use and have loved the most is by Equilibria. I’ll go into what makes them stand out to me in a little bit but wanted to start out chatting about what exactly CBD is and how it’s helpful.



What is CBD? 

CBD is a natural ingredient found within industrial hemp flowers that has been clinically proven to improve mental and physical well-being, when taken properly and consistently. CBD is completely safe and legal. There is NO discernible impairment ie no high.



What does CBD do? 

CBD reduces inflammation and relieves anxiety, nerve, and muscle pain.  When ingested, CBD attaches to receptors in our body within a system called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), responsible for creating balance throughout the body’s system.  This helps manage things like sleep, mood, pain regulation, and inflammation. People use CBD to help them sleep, manage anxiety, reduce inflammation and improve their mood.



What made you choose Equilibria


100% Traceability

With so many CBD brands out there I wanted to be sure I knew where the product was coming from. Equilibria has their own 1,100 acre organic hemp farm in Colorado and each batch can be traced back to their own controlled systems. All of their hemp oil is organic and carefully harvested from flowers only meaning they never use stalks, stems, seeds, etc. Most important to myself is that all of their CBD is fully traceable from their farm which means there are middle-men.


For women by women

The Equilibria team is female led and offers a personal concierge dosage team that is led by their Science Team (Head of Pharmacy, Functional Wellness doctor) and veteran Cannabis Educators who are trained in female biochemistry and applications of CBD for female health. This is so helpful for women especially who might be hoping to use CBD for hormone regulation, etc and need a more personalized service to find the right balance. 



What products do they sell? 


Daily Drops: These are the oil like drops you place underneath your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing and will work immediately. 


Daily Softgels: These soft gels are time released so will continue to work through the day or night. 


Relief Cream: This is a cream you can rub on muscle aches, your pelvic region if you suffer from cramping and anywhere else your muscles may need relief. 



How do you know if a product is of sound quality? 


A few things to look for:

1. Make sure the product is Full Spectrum!

2. Look for third party Lab Results just like you would any other medication. Cannabis naturally absorbs toxins in the ground and since CBD isn’t regulated by the FDA, most of the products out there are either poorly grown and processed and/or they have pesticides and heavy metals in them. 

3. Be sure everything is coming from the same farm. This ensures that your product will have the same strength every time. 



How often should I take it? 

It is recommended to be taken daily for the greatest success but I usually take it a few times a week personally. 



Will it show up on a drug test? 

It hasn’t for any Equilirbria employee or anyone I know but everyone’s body is different so I don’t want to be absolute. I suggest taking an at home drug test if you are worried to check. 



What do you use it for? 

I use it for sleep and anxiety. I’ve shared many times that I am a routinely anxious person and a lot of times that affects my sleep. I usually can’t slow my mind down enough to fall asleep but don’t really need help staying asleep. 

That’s why I love that they have different products that work different ways. The drops are instant so it’s what I usually use at night before bed so it can help calm my mind to get to sleep. If you are someone who has trouble staying asleep the soft gels might be a better fit for you so they can continue to work while you sleep. 

I actually just got the relief cream and have used it a handful of times and loved it. Will report back once I’ve used it more often!



I hope this post was helpful and once again I am not an expert in CBD or the products so am just sharing what I have learned and encourage you all to do your own research and always reach out to the experts if you have questions! You can use code ‘lowstoluxe‘ for 15% off your first order



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  1. Priya Narula says:

    Thank you for the post. I was wondering do the daily drops leave you feeling drowsy when you wake up the next morning. I dont want that hangover feeling.
    I generally like most of thr products that you recommend. Both your babies are cute.
    Take care and stay safe.

    • shaheen khan says:

      Not at all! I’ve never had any side effects from the drops or capsules. They have a dosage specialist that you can chat with to figure out the right amount for you and/or start on the lighter side and see how you feel! Aww, thank you! That means a lot!