Buzz Bait Chicago

Sep 21, 2015


blueberry mint margarita



mahi mahi tacos

fish tacos

salmon tacos

mexican corn

spicy guacamole


We have been spending a bit more time in old town lately and it’s mostly because there are so many new and amazing places to eat opening up. It’s nice to get out of our own neighborhood and walk around new ones especially since it’s just a few bus stops away.

This past week we celebrated taco Thursday at the new Buzz Bait on wells st. It has a cute casual vibe with metal chairs and both communal and individual seating. You can order at the counter and take a seat with your number to wait for your food while you enjoy a cocktail. It was relaxed and casual while still having a bit of a fancy feel.

We started out with the blueberry mint margarita & beer and dove right into the guacamole and elotes. The chips that came with the guac were a highlight for Trevor & myself. They were fried to perfection and seasoned with just a bit of spice making the guacamole even better.

When it came time for tacos we tried out a few different ones. They come in pairs of two’s and you can mix and match whatever you like. I tried the crispy shrimp and salmon and Trevor tried the crispy shrimp and mahi mahi. the crispy shrimp was by far our favorite! The salmon had a BBQ profile so would be perfect for someone who loves the sweeter side and the mahi mahi had a nice smoky flavor I loved.

The drinks were strong, the food tasty, and I will def be back for a casual dinner out or to grab drinks with girlfriends. If you stop in let me know what you like!


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  1. Next time you’re in Old Town, holla at your girl!
    Also, along with Buzz Bait and Pomp – there is a new pizza place in the works too! Woooo!

  2. Sarah Lagen says:

    Yumm, I’m always up for Taco Thursday (or Tuesday, or heck- any day of the week!) Big Star is my bf’s favorite taco place but I’m always looking for next places to try so we’ll have to swing by Buzz Bait for a little taco tasting because it looks delicious!!

    xo, Sarah