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Sep 28, 2018

birthday lessons learned

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Hi guys! Happy Friday and happy birthday to me 🙂

I’m actually not a huge birthday person and this one has totally snuck up on me. I have no real plans for the day and I’m really excited about that. A few of my girlfriends were kind enough to take me out to dinner on Wednesday night and tomorrow night Trevor and I are enjoying some Jack Fry’s.

Besides that, I’ll just be laying low with Zain and Trevor and hopefully getting some house projects taken care of. I have been mulling over a lot of things lately and I’m not sure if it’s because my birthday was creeping up and I was subconsciously reflecting or because it’s weirdly been a very challenging week but I thought I would share a few of them with you all. 


Don’t apologize for being you

It’s taken me a long time (I’m still not there yet) to stop saying ‘sorry’ or trying to fix other people’s issues with me. This past year has really been about embracing who I am, ignoring the negative and finding a strong self confidence. I’ve always been the type of person to over apologize and I’ve really made a conscious effort to stop that. I really think everyone has this in them and more often than not women apologize way too much.


Embrace change

This past year has obviously brought about a lot of change whether it’s having a child that’s on the go or moving to another city but I’m trying to take deep breaths and soak up every second. As anxious as change can make you feel, it’s good for you and just remember you can always change what you don’t like and start fresh. Taking calculated risks is a process to embrace and although that may look different for everyone I think it’s a good idea no matter how big or small. 


Say No 

I’m certain I had vocalized this as a goal back in the day on the blog and am finally getting good at it. Whether it’s work, blog projects, travel or friends you really have to set boundaries for yourself and remember what makes you happy. If ‘happy hour’ isn’t it then don’t feel bad for canceling, going home and taking your bra off. You only live once and if someone is mad at you for doing what you want then do you really need them? 


Invest in your friendships

The above is not to say blow your friends off every chance you get and lose them (it’s all about balance) but instead remember to invest in the people that invest in you. Friendship is a two way street that often ebbs and flows but you have to make sure you are being valued just like any other relationship. 


Don’t stress so much

Geez, I am always so focused on the next month, next week and next few hours that I often forget to live in the moment. It takes so much stress off your plate to focus on ‘the now’ and just makes me an all around happier person. Reflect on the good and keep it moving!


Love hard

Perhaps the most important lesson having Zain has taught me. It’s made me love and value the people in my life so much more. Don’t hesitate to appreciate your tribe and make sure they know it! 


Thanks in advnace for all the love today and I hope you all have the best weekend there is!


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  1. Lila says:

    Happy birthday from a blog reader!