Beach Vacation Essentials In My Bag

Aug 24, 2020

Our trip to Lake Geneva a few years ago and I can’t believe how small Zain looks! 


Good morning friends and happy Monday!

I am actually feeling refreshed today and ready to take on a new week. This is likely due to the fact that Trevor was on call last weekend which then makes the week before and after run together like a long hamster wheel of tiredness. However, it’s mostly because we are headed on a little vacation next week!

I can not tell you how much this is needed. Between being pregnant and now having a newborn during a global pandemic, I have not seen another 4 walls in 6 months aside from this house. We have been trying to be extra cautious with a newborn at home and have not eaten out (aside from one planned lunch in a closed area for work), seen friends, traveled anywhere or been to a store in SIX MONTHS! I may have to wander Target alone soon because I miss it so much, ha!

We decided getting away for a week would be good for everyone even if it just meant a change of scenery. We debated a few little beach towns but ultimately wanted to book somewhere we could have our own pool. We aren’t huge beach people and with everything going on we wanted to make sure the house we were staying in had everything we needed since we don’t plan on leaving it!

Our goal is to enjoy the house, try some new takeout locations, take a few long walks and hopefully let Zain enjoy the beach one morning if it’s not too crowded. I will not lie, the drive has us a little worried since we have always flown with Zain and this will be a pretty long one. I am planning on placing a pick up grocery order a few days in advance so it will be ready the day we arrive. I also plan on wiping down everything in our rental and then mostly keeping to ourselves. 

I honestly just can’t wait to be in a new environment and enjoy the pool, hot tub and a new to us backyard! I will be sure to share everything after we are back home including the rental in case anyone is interested so stay tuned. 

Although summer feels like it should be winding down, we still have a few months of warm weather here so I did snag a few things to take with us. I thought I would share what I am packing in case any of you are making trips to lake houses and/or beach rentals. 




A few highlights: 


Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen

This is what I wear under my makeup since it leaves no residue and doesn’t clog my pores. You can check out more on our favorite sunscreens here


Z Supply Dress

You guys probably know by now how much I wear my grey tee shirt dress. Their clothes are just so soft, comfortable and well priced. I snagged this black button front dress since it’s perfect for nursing and I can wear it into fall with coats and sweaters! 


Water Cup

This is more of a life upgrade but I had been wanting a bigger insulated cup and finally found something perfect for a reasonable price! 


Packing Cubes

These make my Type A self very happy and will be crucial since we are trying to minimize space in the car for luggage. 


AGolde Shorts

I have been singing the praises of these shorts for years and have now converted almost all of my friends. I live in them during the summer and love that the thigh area is nice and loose!


Beyond Yoga Top

I just purchased this a few weeks ago because Beyond Yoga is one of my favorite brands for athletic gear and love the fit of this top! It’s the softest material (as is all of their stuff) and since I tend to run smaller up top I went with an XS and it works great. I would base sizing off your rib cage area since it’s intended to be fitted with no need for a bra!


Foldable Straw Hat

Although I love my big sun hat it’s not the greatest for packing or taking on vacation so I picked this up. I love that I can wear my hair up in a ponytail with it and it just rolls up. 


Loungewear Set

I just recently bought this set because I own a pair of striped shorts by this brand that I picked up while pregnant and I still live in them. They are incredibly soft and the drawstring and longer length are perfect. 


Puff Sleeve Dress

I saw this online and immediately ordered! I think it will be easy to transition from summer to fall and I am very into puff sleeves lately.


Waterproof Slides

It’s no secret that I live in Birkenstocks and own them in all varieties but I love this pair I purchased earlier this summer so much! They are under $50 and waterproof so I will be taking them along. 


Strapless Swimsuit 

This is the only two piece swimsuit I bought this year and I am excited to finally wear it somewhere other than my backyard. I loved the strapless top for ease with nursing and the bottom is one of the rare options available these days that isn’t ‘cheeky’ 😉 Am I the only person that wants my entire rear covered?


Beach Cover Up

I purchased this back when we were heading to Palm Springs for our babymoon that never happened and I’m excited I will finally get to wear it. I love this print so much and it’s the silkiest material which is great for when you are hot and sticky from the sun. 



Hope this helps if you are planning a little getaway or even a backyard hang because they are all needed and refreshing at this point! 


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