Our Bedtime Routine

Jun 12, 2018

baby bedtime routine

Zain’s pajamas: Gap – we loved these pj’s and they’re so soft! This brand is another one of our favorites for pajamas! | My Pajamas: Nordstrom – I know I’ve mentioned these before but I lived in them post baby and still do. They are so soft and stretchy and comes in a ton of colors! | Zain’s Toothbrush & Toothpaste: Dr.Brown’s (c/o) 


Morning y’all! 

Did we all survive Monday? The first day back from vacation always seems to drag on forever but I’m glad the sun is shining today. I am excited to spend the morning at story time with Zain too! Speaking of Zain boo, today on the blog I am chatting bedtime routines. When we first started sleep training Zain many moons ago, one of the first things our book recommended was to establish a nighttime routine. Obviously with a tiny babe you won’t stick to the same schedule or sequence every night but now that he is a little older we love our evening routine and it’s one of our favorite times together as a family. 

I thought I would walk you all through our routine, share some of our favorite products and see what fun traditions you all have started!


Bath Time & Bottle

Zain usually has dinner around 5pm which consists of some protein and whatever we are eating and then play’s till 6. After he’s burned off some steam he enjoys a luxurious bubble bath, no joke. I wish I had the type of bath’s Zain does! We love the Dr.Brown’s foaming bath wash because it lathers well and doesn’t run out too quickly. We usually put on his playlist of Leon Bridges favorites and let him splash around. After his bath we lotion him up and get him dressed for the night. Since it stays cool in our place year round we love these long pj’s not to mention they are insanely soft. 

He then get’s a bottle of milk (we are slowly working our way off this—more on that next month!) and hangs out with us on the bed. 


baby bedtime routine

The fact that he holds his bottles with one hand cracks me up!

baby bedtime routine

He is always so happy playing with us on the bed 🙂



Story Time

After he’s done with his bottle, we all read stories together! As he’s gotten older he has taken more of an interest in reading himself so he usually thumbs through his own book while we both read to him. Some of our favorite night time reads are I’ll Never Let You Go, You’re My Little Cuddle Bug and Pout Pout Fish! Yours? 


dr.brown's bottles

baby bedtime routine

This guy reading his book upside down with his belly hanging out is the best!

best baby bedtime books



Brushing Teeth

Last up on our list and one of his favorites activities, brushing teeth! We started brushing his  teeth before bed as soon as he had them and it’s quickly become one of his favorite activities. He brushes in the morning and would probably brush all day if I let him. He loves this elephant toothbrush so much that I have to hide it from him during the day. 

I usually put a very tiny dot of toothpaste on his wet brush and let him brush on his own for a little bit. After he’s done, I make sure to lay him back in my lap and brush all the surfaces! We love this brush because it’s a great size and is easy for him to use. 

After this it’s off to bed by 6:30 or 7pm and it’s time for Trevor and I to relax! He’s been putting himself to sleep ever since we sleep trained him early on so we just say goodnight, turn his sound machine on and give him his pacifier. After that we say goodnight and see him again in the morning when he wakes up around 6:30am!


how to brush baby teeth

dr.browns toothbrush

how to brush kids teeth

Zain still hasn’t learned to give closed mouth kisses but I will take anything from this sweet boy! 

baby bedtime routine


What does you evening routine look like with your little? 



This post was sponsored by Dr.Brown’s—a brand we have always used and truly love. As always, thank you for supporting brands that make Lows to Luxe possible!


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