April’s Favorite Amazon Buys

Apr 5, 2019

aprils favorite amazon buys

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Hello and TGIF friends! 

Today is my last day in Mexico and I’m already sad to leave! The trip has been amazing and I can’t wait to share a huge recap in a few weeks. The property is spectacular and everyone has been so lovely. It’s nice to be able to take a peek behind such an iconic brand and see so much humility and love for the product.

I jumped at this opportunity therefore forfeiting attending the RewardStyle Conference this year and am really happy about my decision. I have loved the conference in year’s past but this trip has been void of other bloggers/influencers/whatever you want to call us and that’s been a breath of fresh air. I’ve met so many people from different publications and freelancers and it’s been amazing to chat with them outside of blogs, Instagram numbers, etc. Sometimes that whole scene can be a little depleting so I’m thrilled that this was such a change of pace.

It’s also been so nice to spend a few days with Jess here! In case you are new around here, Jess is one of my very best friends in the world and I haven’t seen her nearly enough since I left Chicago. I can’t wait for it to warm up so we can start planning a big trip to Chicago this summer. 

As for today I am back with another roundup! Since you guys seemed to find last month’s Amazon Buys post so helpful I thought I would share another installment since I’ve gotten some amazing things recently. 






Now that we finally have a record player we love we have been stocking up on records to add to our collection. Leon is one of our favorites and what was playing when Zain was born so we listen to this all the time!

I bought this a little while ago and we have now traveled several times with it and love it. The straps make it so much easier to carry through the airport! 

Not a new addition but one I have been using constantly since it’s warmed up. I keep it in the freezer! 

LOVE this! It’s been such a big help keeping me on track and I saw they now have a spouted smaller version if that’s better for you. I clean with warm water and soap and have the gallon version!

I just ordered these again and have found them to be lifesavers! I take them everywhere in my diaper bag and find them to be a catch all. 

Just ordered these a few weeks ago and love them! I used to clean my brushes with my hands and then rubbing them on towels but it seemed to damage the bristles. These are so great and clean out way more of the dirt!

These are the bowls we use for Zain that I get asked about all the time. The suction isn’t a no fail but they work great for meals and snacks for us! 

My morning savior. Having an open coffee mug around Zain was making me so nervous so this has helped a ton. I make sure to take off the inner elastic band when washing! 

I know I shared these on Instagram when we were in Austin but buy these! They hug you in all the right places, have no show through and feel just like Lululemon align leggings. 


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