Amazon Prime Day 2023

Jul 11, 2023

Good morning and happy PRIME DAY!

I know this can be a little overwhelming so in an effort to simplify everything I just wanted to share what we own and love that is included and a very curated list of things I have my eye on. I will also try to share Lightning Deals and more in the moment sales over on stories so check there! 



Things I Own: 


Crochet Cover Up

This is one of the few items I own from Amazon that isn’t from an in-house brand and I absolutely love it. It is one size fits all and I have truly seen it on every body type – the reviews also have a ton of images! Comes in a few colors and looks so much pricier than it is.


Strappy Sports Bra

I bought this years ago and just recently found it in the bottom of my drawer and remembered why I love it so much. It has great support, a nice band that doesn’t ride up your chest, and removable pads. I use it for everything and it’s great for high intensity workouts.


Elemis Cleansing Balm

A holy grail product for me and this is when I buy it every year! It generally doesn’t ever go on sale and I’ve not seen a lower price over the years so I usually stock up on one or two. I save this for when I wear real makeup and use a less expensive option for daily use. It’s so creamy and luxurious and is the only thing that fully takes off my eyeliner!


Tiered Maxi Dress

I mean need I say more? It’s embarrassing how much I wear and rely on this dress and they have no released it in new colors and patterns. I stay TTS in and like that it has hidden adjustable straps. 


Two Strap Heel

Another staple I own in more than one color and recommend to my friends looking for an evening shoe. The design is just so simple and beautiful and I find them very comfortable for a heel! TTS – if between I would size down. 


Frame TV

Another prime day purchase of ours! We opted for this in our bedroom so it didn’t feel like a TV. We were able to run the tiny wire down behind the dresser which is always an option if you don’t want to install the box in your wall. I like how seamlessly it blends into a room! 


Sonicare Electric Toothbrush 

I purchased this for Trevor last year because he needed a new brush! It’s a little louder than mine but he loves it. 


Hardside Luggage

Snag this! We needed new luggage last year and after reading one million reviews I opted for this set and we have been so happy with them. They have traveled internationally with us and held up great plus they are so affordable. 


Cut Out Sateen Dress

This was a Derby option for me and I thought it was absolutely adorable! Runs TTS and could be a great wedding guest option. 


Shoulder Pad Mini Dress

I bought this years ago and wear it so often as a cover up. It’s easy to throw on over swim and take the kids to the pool which is why I reach for it so often! TTS.


Air Pods


Affresh Tablets

You know I love all things Affresh and this is a great time to stock up! 


Laneige Lip Mask

I have unfortunately spoiled my children and now Zain requests these constantly so I will be rebuying on sale. 


Magna Tiles

One of our kids most played with toys and it’s a great time to grab them on major sale.


Sunday Riley CEO Glow

You know I love all things Sunday Riley and this is a great time to stock up. This is probably my favorite product of theirs but the Retinol serum is fantastic as well. 


Sunday Riley Auto Correct

This is a more recent buy for me but I feel like it instantly depuffs my eyes so I like to use it before makeup application. 




Have My Eye On 


Quilted Jacket

Reminds me of a Frankie Shop jacket so I’m inclined to try it out! 


Belted Shirtdress 

You know how I feel about a shirtdress.


Ninja Creami

Okay, everyone is obsessed with these. Will I use it? Do you love yours? 


Color WOW

I used this when I was in Nashville with my girlfriends because one of them swears by it so I think I’ll try it out! 




Hope that was helpful and check stories for more up to date sale finds! 



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