Amazon Big Deal Days 2023

Oct 10, 2023

Hi friends, 

How is everyone? I have to be honest, it’s been a sad start to the week with what is going on in the world. The video and news coverage is devastating to say the least and I’ve been trying to consume trusted media that doesn’t overwhelm. if you don’t follow @mosheh or listen to his podcast I find it really concise and informative. 

I know you came here for Prime Deals which we will get to now: 




Hardside Luggage: this is the luggage we own and love! We’ve traveled internationally with them several times and they have held up great. Even after one was stolen in Paris we re-bought the exact same piece because we had been so happy with it! 


Grande Lash: I am not as consistent as I should be but I bought this last Prime Day and have been really happy with it! No irritation. 


Magna Tiles: I bought this set last Prime Day as well for both the kids because it was such a steal and it has served me well. They never tire of these and are magical for independent play! 


Graco 3 in 1: We own and love this! I also bought it for my parents car. 


Velvet Hangers: we use these for the kids and ourselves! They last forever and I love not worrying about clothes sliding off.


Sunday Riley CEO – you know this is my holy grail and I stock up anytime it’s on sale! I promise this will make your skin GLOW!!!


Elemis Cleansing Balm – another GOAT product I never stop using. Stock up on this anytime I can for a discount! 


Tonies – another household favorite for independent play! Grandparents have also recirded messages and songs for the kids that they love listening to on the creative tonies. A great holiday gift!


Running Shorts – I bought these shortly after having Zahra because I wanted a pair that was loose around my thighs and I still wear them all time. Run TTS – I’m in a medium. 


Crochet Cover Up – I know this sounds silly but this really does fit everyone beautifully. 


Sherpa Lined Sweatpants – These are a winter must have!!! These saw me through many Chicago winters and still bring me so much joy. Run TTS but I size up for a relaxed fit!


Fleece Lined Half-Zip – Do I need to say more? I wear this so often and think it’s better than the original. Runs TTS and has washed well for me! 


Hair Wax Stick – I originally bought this for my baby hairs after having Zahra but it’s a staple for me now. It’s the perfect companion for a slick bun or even just to tame your hair post workout if you have an errand or appointment after. 


Almond Shower Oil – another winter must-have! This is esentially lotion for your skin and we use it everyday once the air gets dry and cool. I still lotion after showers but it allows Trevor and the kids to skip it since they don’t care for it while still staying moisturized! 


Travel Steamer – I’ve traveled several times with this and it’s never let me know! I love how it folds up so tiny making it easy to pack. 


Christmas Tree – this is our newest tree and it’s over half off!!! Great time to snag if you have been looking, I think their trees look the most real. 


Pebble Ice Maker – I know it’s a splurge but it’s so nice to have for parties or events and the kids devour it during the summer. I appreciate that it’s portable and can be used outside! 


Vitamix – I bought ours during Prime Day a few years ago and we use it so often it’s well worth it for us. I mix chutneys, soups, you name it in there!




Bissell Cleaner: This is not the exact style I have but i’ve never met a Bissell cleaning product i didn’t love! I know tons of friends that own this because of it’s smaller and more portable size and love. 


Magna Tiles Construction: I know we don’t need another set but I love this construction set and think I’m going to snag it and save for the holidays! 



Hope that is helpful and I’ll be popping on stories with deals throughout the day! 




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