it’s almost a new year.

Dec 29, 2014












i know i’m a few days early but thought i would share what i’m wearing for new year’s ever this year! the holiday had long been something i wasn’t the biggest fan of. it’s always a huge build up, expensive, & somehow never ends up being as fun as you thought it would be. it’s the main reason we decided to get married on new year’s eve 3 years ago. we hoped that our wedding would be a celebration of love and laughter and a beautiful way to welcome a new year that lived up to every expectation the holiday carries and more! i’m excited to share some pictures and memories from that day later this week!

when i wandered into Shop 857 a few weeks ago to prep for my event i hadn’t even thought about a new year’s eve look. trevor and i had gone back and forth about just staying in versus going out but we hadn’t really decided. when i saw this olive number hanging there i had to try it on. i had nowhere to wear it but couldn’t seem to take it off (story of my life)

i was a teeny bit stressed about the open back because i haven’t been able to find a good bandeau & don’t have the courage to go sans bra. in walked the solution from The Bra Lab! it’s a strapless bra that has so many back strap patterns and colors you can switch in & out. it clasps on the sides so you can pair it with anything from a tee to a gown and it’s so adhesive i had no slip problems. the idea belongs to the sisters behind the local boutique Gigi Bottega & everything in there is swoon worthy.

i decided to snag it & figure the rest out later. luckily we were able to get reservations at one of our favorite local spots The Monarch. the owner could not be more amazing & the food is always divine. we are so happy that our two great friends (i set them up…patting my own back) are coming into town to stay with us and help ring in the new year.

what do you guys have planned? and more importantly, what are you wearing?! if you don’t have anything yet i picked a few of my fav’s above. it’s never a good idea to spend a ton of money on a nye dress since you likely won’t get much more out of it which is why all the dresses above are on mega sale!




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  1. What a cute dress! Have a fun time ringing in the new year!

    Liz @

  2. Mary Gatewood says:

    Fabulous!! and Happy Anniversary!!