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Feb 23, 2018

allbirds sneakers

Coat: Nordstrom | Jeans: Levi’s | Sweater: Nordstrom | Shoes: Allbirdsobsessed with these! Don’t need to wear socks with them, so comfy but make sure to go up a size


TGIF and welcome to another installation of Ask Me Anything! I really love all the questions you guys have been sending in and feel free to email me or direct message me on Instagram anytime with them! 


How long did it take you to lose the baby weight and feel normal after having Zain? 

Wellll, I haven’t lost all the weight yet and it’s eight months later. I still have about 5 pounds to get back to my pre baby weight and honestly feel like I look the same I did at 6 weeks post baby. The big chunk of weight came off rather quickly and easily (I think a lot of it was water weight) and this last bit has me feeling gross, out of shape and unable to fit how I want to in my clothes. That’s why I finally decided I needed to make exercise a priority and hired a personal trainer. I’m not really focused on the number but would like to start feeling better about my body and get some of my muscle back! 



Which part of the India is your family from, which holidays do you observe and do you speak any other languages? 

My family is originally from Bangalore, India and that is where we go back to visit! I have traveled all over India but much of our family lives in Bangalore so that is where we treat as home base. As far as holidays and traditions, I don’t specifically celebrate any of them on my own but I was brought up in a very strong Indian community with mixed religions and backgrounds and we always celebrated with everyone. I don’t fluently speak any other languages! Sadly, I always have this discussion with my parents and wish they had spoken Urdu and Hindi to me while growing up so I could speak fluently. As immigrants they were told we may not speak English fluently if we didn’t learn it first and I hate that because it’s definitely not true. I speak some and understand almost all Urdu and Hindi and actually took private lessons the last time I was in India to become more fluent. 



How are you liking your personal trainer and Beach Body?

Loving both! Joining a gym with daycare and hiring a personal trainer has been amazing. It allows me a little bit of alone time during the day and has me slowly feeling like my old self again. Beach Body has proved to be much harder than I ever imagined but I am really liking the ‘Little Bit Obsessed’ workouts that are just 30 minutes and killer. 




How do you manage to go out with Zain and his sleep schedule? 

It’s not easy, ha! I now refer to it as ‘nap jail‘ but he takes two naps a day and luckily they are usually earlier in the day, around 8am and Noon. I usually try to run an errand or two (if they are short) in between those naps or if I am heading to the gym or have something to do that requires more time I wait till he’s done with his second nap and then head out. That way I have till 5pm to be back home. You can see a little bit more about how we sleep trained here but if you do you will realize how little your child can adapt. I am happy he’s on a schedule because I’m very Type A but he’s lost the ability to ‘go with it’ He doesn’t nap in the car, stroller or really anywhere but a crib and that’s no one’s fault but our own. He also is very used to his schedule so if I mess that up, I pay for it! That’s why I try to really stick to his schedule and work mine around his. 



What trends are you looking forward to this spring? 

Ahhh, so many! Mostly because I am so tired of this cold, snow and dreary weather. I can’t wait for spring and am loving all things blush, frayed hem jeans and lots of florals! I linked a few things I already bought or have my eye on below! 




Thanks for all the wonderful questions and hope you all have an amazing Friday! 


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  1. Ellen says:

    I love the piece on India! Thanks for sharing ????