Summer Days In Wicker Park

Sep 11, 2017

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Top: Moon River – Also available here (c/o) | Shorts: AG Jeans – Also available here (c/o) | Handbag: Clare Vivier – Also available here (c/o) | Shoes: Birkenstock – love this version too! | Sunglasses: NordstromNecklace: Baublebar (c/o)


The summer days are winding down and as excited as I am for fall weather (Isn’t that crazy) I’m trying to soak up what’s left of the sunshine and heat. Last week, I was so honored and excited to go with Jess to her wedding dress fitting. I’ve seen sketches and conceptualized visions along the way but to finally see it on her was magical and beautiful!

I’m so excited to head to Portland for Jess and Neal’s wedding with Trevor for a short little getaway. I won’t lie, I was so torn on whether we would actually be able to make it work. Zain is still so small and I didn’t want to tear him away from his routine. As much as I selfishly would like him to be with me I know even our little trip to Louisville threw off his sleep schedule. He’s been sleeping through the night and doing so well at home and I was relieved when my mom said she would be happy to stay with him if we wanted to go. 

She’s been with us for so much of Zain’s life and I think she knows my son almost as well as I do. She’s coming into town the week before we leave so we can make sure everything is organized and situated for him. As far as myself, I am going to be a wreck. Even after the tough days with him I lay in bed and watch video of him and stare at his pictures. It’s crazy that I miss him when he’s sleeping but I do. If you have any tips on how to survive this first trip away feel free to send them along, I know I will need all the help I can get! 

As far as that beautiful sunny day, I decided to throw on my mom jean shorts and this boho top. It’s one of my favorite summer tops with it’s pretty tiers, stripes and boho details. After Jess’ dress fitting in the West Loop we headed back to Wicker Park to walk around the neighborhood and grab an iced coffee. We stopped into Alliance Bakery to grab some drinks to go and it took all my willpower to resist those chocolate and almond croissants. It was nice to sit on the patio and relax and catch up with Jess since both of our lives have become so crazy lately. 

Hope you are all having a great week and get to enjoy a little down time! 


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