a plaid kinda coffee date…

Nov 4, 2013







shop the look:  plaid shirt: Urban Outfitters // jacket: H&M // jeans: Paige Jeans // shoes (similar, mine are last season) : Lanvin // midi ring: Urban Outfitters // lips: Smashbox  // nails: Essie

fall is here! unfortunately, chicago usually doesn’t enjoy this weather for long so i needed to take advantage. this outfit embraces everything i love about the season: skinny jeans are my staple and i can pair this shade of charcoal with almost anything in my closet. plaids are so on trend and i loved the fit of this particular one especially the extra length in the back. the heels are literally the most gorgeous leather i’ve seen in a long time and neiman marcus last call was basically begging me to take them out of the store. i picked up this coat on a whim a few weeks ago and honestly have not taken it off since! the color is amazing, the length is perf, it has pulls to cinch in the waist, AND the warmer layer on the inside is removable so it can translate into lighter seasons. the leaves changing and cozy weather made for a perfect coffee date with the husband!

what is your favorite fall wardrobe piece?

xox, shaheen


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  1. Mary Gatewood says:

    I love this!!

  2. Amanda Grau says:

    Love wedges. I can’t fall over as easily in them! Can you school me on how to find/choose flats in a future blog post?

  3. HELLO model!!! You look so tall and so stylish :). LOVE the blog and it makes me want to find the time to pick mine back up again.

  4. Seema Mahini says:

    Love this outfit! So spot on fall trends. Want that coat! Great post!